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Day of Event

Depending on the size and outline of the event, setup could take from two hours before to all day. The tasks that can only be completed the day of the event range from set-up of the registration table to placement of plants and other materials in the room/staging area. Be sure to follow the Run-of-Show that you have created prior to your event.
Placement of plants, coat racks and room layout notes
A contact from your department should be on hand to direct placement of plants from the greenhouse. Plants are placed in strategic locations to mark entry ways, hide equipment and outlets in walls, and to balance podiums, stages and screens. Plants should be balanced throughout the room with an eye toward symmetry. The OU Greenhouse has tropical plants (tall, medium, short) and, depending on the time of year, can acquire, or has on hand, flowered plants (ie. poinsettias, mums).
Coat racks should be placed in a strategic location, but not in a glaringly obvious spot as to ruin the “look” of the room. Placement of plants around or on either side of the coat rack is recommended.
Dining tables and podiums should be placed in such a way that the speaker is visible to as many as possible. Podiums are usually centered on a stage or along a wall with, when appropriate, an OU banner hung behind the podium. A podium flower arrangement, when appropriate, may be placed directly in front of the podium on the floor, being mindful not to block the OU logo.
Table numbers or names should be assigned to each table.
Greeting VIPs, OUF/Trustees
Special guests and VIP’s, which usually include Trustees, OU Foundation Directors, the president, and, occasionally, deans and vice presidents, are greeted at the entrance closest to the VIP parking spots if on campus or at the room entrance of an outside venue. It is important to learn the university officers and special groups by sight, if possible.
Table seating and place cards
Table seating assignments are based upon event objectives, and conversational groupings along with other considerations. The president’s table always has place cards specifically arranged, even at events where other guests may not be “seated” at a particular table.
At large events, it is highly recommended that volunteer floor hosts be used to assist guests in locating their seats.
Menu cards
In most cases, menu cards are required at each place setting for meals.
Script and Sound Check
Scripts are kept on the podium, with copies going the speakers ahead of the event date. The podium’s sound system and any other electronic equipment (power point, overhead, etc.) must be checked just before the event. The sound board must be manned during every event. Be sure to make those arrangements ahead of time when booking sounds needs.
Program Books
Depending on the event, programs may be placed at each place setting, distributed at the registration table or, occasionally, handed out by students or personnel as guests enter the event room.

Accident Report
The Event Accident Report Form will help you accumulate necessary information should an accident occur at your event.