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Lilly Conference Traverse City, September 2012

Lilly Conferences

Lilly Conferences have provided opportunities for the presentation of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for over 30 years. Participants come from a multitude of disciplines and from throughout the US and abroad. 
The 13th annual Lilly Traverse City Conference will be held September 20-23, 2012 in beautiful downtown Traverse City, Michigan. 
For more information or to register please visit:

Lilly Conference Awardees:

Oakland University is the co-sponsor of this year's Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning.
The following twenty faculty members have been awarded a CETL grant to attend. Congratulations to all of the awardees.

1.    Josephine Walwema
2.    David Kasdan
3.    Barbara Penprase
4.    Sherry Wynn Perdue
5.    Minhee Seo
6.    Dominique Daniel
7.    Alice Horning
8.    Richard Pipan
9.    Chris Kobus
10.  Kathleen Spencer
11.  David Rodenbaugh
12.  Jennifer Eastwood
13.  Cristina Fontana Moore
14.  Fances Paris
15.  Beth Talbert
16.  Shaun Moore
17.  Victoria Lucia
18.  Judith Ableser
19.  Lauren Rinke
20.  Patrick Frazee

This year we had over 35 applications for CETL grants. Initially we had funding for ten participants but were able to secure additional funding for a total of twenty recipients. Of the twenty, 18 are presenters and 2 are first time attendees.

Because Oakland is a cosponsor of the conference,  all additional faculty (full or part-time) can receive a 10% discount on registration by putting the word "cosponsor" in the "discount code box" in the on-line registration.  CETL will be hosting a dinner on Thursday evening and a reception in the Presidential Suite on Saturday evening for all OU faculty.  Please let us know at CETL ( if you do register in order for us to extend you an invitation.