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Performance Management for Non-Bargained Employee Groups

Performance management is the structured method of evaluating performance to determine achievement of goals, accomplishments on job duties and assessing overall performance. Performance management has a solid, positive impact on individual and University success. A positive understanding between the employee and supervisor as to what is acceptable job performance is essential for all employee and management work relationships to survive.

The performance management tool using the T.EA.M.S. system provides a framework and tools for guiding users through the process. In combination with this tool, the face-to-face interaction between employees and supervisors is most effective in counseling employees to sustain or enhance job performance.

PowerPoint Instructions

Performance Management- Current unavailable

Setting Goals

SMART Goal Setting

Supervisor's Checklist

Planning for Meeting Checklist

Be Prepared
  • Schedule the meeting 
  • Choose a quiet location with minimal interruptions as possible 
  • Prepare ahead of time – know the objectives of the meeting 
Conducting the Meeting
  • Help the employee to feel at ease by creating a positive environment 
  • Give balance feedback, both positive and negative, but start with the positive 
  • Focus on the job, not the person 
  • Allow the employee to provide feedback 
  • Ask questions 
  • Discuss areas for improvement and methods for achieving 
  • Discuss employee’s aspirations and professional development 
Conclusion of Meeting
  • Summarize and review the important points of the discussion 
  • Restate the action steps and provide a timeframe for steps 
  • Make sure employee knows their next steps with the online process 
  • Review online forms after employee provides final comments and certification 
  • Send the online form to UHR