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We Are OU

Roberta Wells picture

“I help students so they can assist others in the community.”
Roberta Hayden
Office Assistant II
Office for Student Involvement

Mick Ide
“I provide a well-maintained campus, making each student experience the best it can be.”
Mick Ide
Grounds Keeper
Grounds Maintenance

Kelly Smith
“I have the freedom to create a vision for future students.”
Kelly Smith
Assistant Director of Marketing
University Communications and Marketing

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We Are OU

Students. It’s the reason we’re all here. In one way or another, we all contribute to students succeeding at Oakland University and beyond. And their success starts with how we interact with them, and each other.

We are a small university with big strengths — countless people attest to our small-town feel and personalized service. Let’s take that to the next level. Let’s band together and make Oakland the absolute best place to get an education. After all, that’s why we’re here. We all contribute and matter and can make a difference.
We are OU. Every one of us.
How to be OU
Small actions leave lasting impressions. Here are some easy ways you can create a positive experience for our students. Even if you don’t typically interact with students, practicing these simple ideas can make all the difference in their time at OU.

Smile and say "hello"
  • Make eye contact and acknowledge others as you pass them.

Ask if someone needs help
  • Avoid using acronyms. Students don’t always know them like we do.
  • No question is a stupid question. Think back to when you were a student and how unfamiliar university processes could be.
  • Listen for the answer.

Announce a call when transferring it
  • Try not to blindly transfer a student call. Before you connect the student to the appropriate OU staff, take a minute to explain the situation so the staff member is up to speed — and the student doesn’t have to repeat the reason for calling.

Avoid the "OU Shuffle"
  • Try to figure out what the student really needs. Even if it doesn’t fall into your job duties, a few minutes of helping will go a long way.
  • Don’t assume the first question asked is the real question. You may need to dive deeper to get to the root of the question.
  • Utilize campus resources to find answers. Look online or ask others who may know the answer. 

Wear OU gear with pride
  • Show your spirit by wearing OU-branded gear on casual Fridays, or other days (as designated by your department). Remember, OU employees get a discount on merchandise at the bookstore!
  • Wear your gold OU pin during on- and off-campus professional events.

Be visible
  • Attend events on campus and get to know your colleagues.
  • Become known in your building by wearing your OU nametag. It’s an easy identifier for students who are seeking help.
  • Make sure you have OU business cards at your workstation, and with you, for further assistance and networking opportunities.
  • Consider having your photo placed on your department website. UCM hosts monthly headshot sessions so you can have a professional photo taken at no charge.
  • Verify that your name and correct contact information (phone and email) are in the university directory. Changes can be made through SAIL.
Ask Me

Ask meWhether you interact with students regularly or only as you walk to/from your car or a restroom, we hope you'll join the campus community in showing that we're all ready to help students — both new and returning. 

At the start of each semester, please wear your Ask Me pin and display the Ask Me poster in your department/office.

Need a button and poster? Contact and we'll send you some! 

Get Connected
We will return soon with the Meet and Greet! As of right now, these events have been cancelled. Please join us when the opportunity re-opens to the campus community.

Meet with featured OU departments and enjoy lunch with colleagues from all over campus during our monthly Eat, Meet & Mingle events!

All dates 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Cash/credit accepted.

September, 2020

October, 2020

November, 2020

January, 2021

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April, 2021

In the meantime, for more ways to get connected with your campus colleagues, check out these employee groups

Please note: Chartwells hosts $5 Friday lunches in Hillcrest and Vandenberg for all OU employees during the academic year. As of right now, these events have been cancelled. Please join us when the opportunity re-opens to the campus community.