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Committee Members

2023-2024 Senate Committee Appointments 

Academic Computing Committee

2022-2024 Faculty Appointments
Myung Choi (SHS)
Sam Srauy (CAS)  CHAIR 2023-2024
Dan DelVescovo (SECS)
Setareh Ghoreishi (CAS)

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments
Sunwoo Shin (SEHS)
Amartya Sen (SECS)
Alexey Tonyushkin (CAS)
Kathryn Schaefer (SBA)
Jim Grogan (SOM)

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Muhammad Naseem (Student Congress) 
Md Nahid Newaz (President Student Chapter ACM)  2023-2024
Hau Ming (Chair, Computer Science and Engineering)
Bhavani Koneru (Chief Information Officer)
Shaun Moore (EVPAA and Provost Designee)
Adam Gordon (CSITS)

Last Updated:  10/16/23

Academic Conduct Committee

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Joy Jiang (SBA)
Elena Borelli (SHS) replacing Lindsay Gietzen
Douglas Gould (SOM)
Aldona Pobutsky (CAS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Seong Cho (SBA)   
Ellen Gajewski (SON)
Jim Van Loon (UL)
Julian Rrushi (SECS) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Laila Guessous (SECS)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Elysa White (CAS) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Cynthia Miree (SBA)
Sara Rivard (SHS)
Raquel Prieta (CAS)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
S. Rebecca Leigh (SEHS)
Julia Paul (SON)

Students, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Gio Liotti (University Student Congress)  2023-2024
Daniela Meson (University Student Congress) 2023 - 2024
Ethan Lehman-Pace (University Student Congress) 2023-2024
Mallory Waligora (University Student Congress) 2023-2024
Jimena Garcia (Student Alternate University Student Congress)  2023-2024
J Cooper Smith (Student Alternate University Student Congress)  2023-2024
Michael Wadsworth (SVP SA&D Designee) Ex-Officio and Voting 

Updated:  8/21/23

Academic Standing and Honors

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments (*Charge updated to 3 year term in May 2022)
Kelly Berishaj (SON)
Laurel Stevenson (SHS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Nicole Mathew (CAS)  CHAIR 2023-2024 
Zhijun Wu (SECS)
Hong Qian (SBA)

2021-2024 Professional Adviser Appointment
Steven Bryant (CAS) replacing Jackie Keith (SBA)

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Gio Liotti (Student Congress)
Daniela Meson (Student Congress)
J Cooper Smith (Student Congress)
Paul Battle (Registrar Designee)
Stephanie Lee (EVPAA Designee)
Deb Cash (SVP SA&D Designee)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (Associate Provost / Student Success)

UDAA Subcommittee 2023-2024
Hong Qian (SBA) Chair
Laurel Stevenson (SHS)
Stephanie Lee (EVPAA Designee)

Last Updated:  2/22/2024


2021-2024 Faculty Appointments

Jennifer Heisler (CAS) Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Erin Meyers (CAS) for Jennifer Heisler Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Shawn McCann (UL)
Darrin Hanna (SECS) 
Yun (Ellen) Zhu (SBA)
Austin Murphy (SBA) (At Large)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Ed Rohn (SHS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Dale Telgenhoff (SHS) (At Large)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Jacob Becker (CAS)
Susan Lynne Beckwith (CAS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Rebecca Pratt (SOM)
Dawn Woods (SEHS)
Jennifer Tillenger (CAS) 2023-2024 

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Alex Verzillo (Student Congress) 2023-2024
Song Yan (Director OIRA)
Reuben Ternes (Assistant Director OIRA)
Deb Cash (SVP SA&D Designee)
Laura Schartman  (Alumnus) (2022-2025)

Last Updated:  12/7/23 

Budget Review

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Chaturi Edrishinha (SEHS)  CHAIR 2023-2024
Sumi Dinda (SHS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Claudia Grobbel (SON)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Henry Aigbedo (SBA)
Jonathan Maisonneuve (SECS)
Megan Schoen (CAS)

2021-2024 Advising Appointment (AP Assembly)
Dan Arnold (e-LIS) to replace Nic Bongers

Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Michele Knox (Director of Budget and Financial Planning)
Amy Banes-Berceli (EVPAA Designee)

Last Updated:  11/21/23

Campus Development and Environment Committee

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Julie Ricks-Doneen (SEHS)
Stephanie Vallie (SON)

2023-20236 Faculty Appointments
Steve Stanton II (SBA) - CHAIR 2023-2024
Tom Raffel (CAS) Ecology Expertise
Sara Blumer-Schuette (CAS)

Staff Appointments (AP Assembly)
Chad Bousley (eLis)  2023-2026
Matthew Holtz (OUWB) 2023-2026
Nic Bongers (eLIS) (2022-2025)
Maria Ebner-Smith (Purchasing) (2022-2025)

2023-2024 Student and Ex-Officio Appointments
Katya Eskander (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Ethan Lehman-Pace (Student Congress) 2023-2024
Tyler Wykhuis (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Maris Ferguson (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Siraj Khan (Interim Associate VP Facilities Management)
Jennifer Myers (Facilities Management Designee)
Chris Reed (SVP SA&D Designee)
Amy Banes-Berceli (Associate Provost for Operations)

Last Updated:  9/5/23

Classroom Use and Academic Scheduling Committee

New Committee established May 2023 / Faculty Appointments - to be staggered 3 year terms

2023-2024 Faculty Appointments
Drake Dantzler (CAS) Co-CHAIR 2023-2024
Julia Smith (SEHS)

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments
Karen Miller (CAS) At-Large
Peg Kennedy (SON)
Christina Lim (SHS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments

Maria Beam (CAS 2)
Osamah Rawashdeh (SECS)
Janelle Townsend (SBA)
Vijit Pandey (SECS) At-Large 

Advising Appointment PAC
Rachel Stagman (FYAC) 2023 - 2026

Student and Staff Appointments
Zohaib Ali (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Beth Dawson (Academic Unit Coordinator) 2023-2024
Joe Shively (CAS) (Associate Dean) 2023-2024
Tricia Westergaard (Registrar) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024

Kristin Landis Piwowar (EVPAA&P / Associate Provost)

Last Updated:  9/14/23 

Community Engagement Committee

Committee Established:  May 2022 (last updated 8/21/23)

2022-2024 Faculty Appointments
Kyle Edwards (CAS) replacing Jo Reger(CAS)
Ginney Uhley (SOM)
Anne Zacharias (UL)
Kristopher Kobus (SECS)
Jeff Insko (CAS) AT-LARGE

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
David Dulio (CAS)  CHAIR 2023-2024
Robert Martin (SEHS)
Tammy Grace (SBA)
Jennifer Lucarelli (SHS) AT-LARGE

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Rachel Smydra (CAS)
Lynda Poly-Droulard (SON)
Jason Overfelt (CAS) At-Large

2022-2023 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Victoria Ouding (Student Congress)
Song Yan (Director of O.I.R.A. or Designee)
Jennifer Anderson (Director of Community Engagement)
Emily Morris (Communication and Marketing Designee)
Amy Banes-Berceli (EVPAA Designee)


Disability Literacy and Awareness Committee

Committee established May 2023

2023-2024 Faculty Appointments 
Tracey Taylor (SOM)
Jun Chen (SECS)

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments 
Jo Reger (CAS) Co-Leader 2023-2024
Kate Rougeau (SHS)
Cameron Davidson (SOM)
Caitlin Demsky (SBA)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments 
Christina Papadimitriou (SHS) Co-Leader 2023-2025
Mariela Hristova (UL)
Rob Sidelinger (CAS) At-Large
Darlene Groomes (SEHS)

2023-2024 Student and Staff Appointments
Emma Garrett (Student Congress Representative)
Sarah Guadalupe (Disability Support Services Director or Designee)
Amy Banes-Berceli (Executive Vice President for AA and Provost or Designee)

Last Updated:  12/11/23


2022-2024 Faculty Appointments
Tamas Horvath (CAS)  CHAIR 2023-2024

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments
Ken Mitton (ERI)  
Ronald Piscotty (SON)

Last updated:  7/19/23 

Experiential Learning Committee (Subcommittee: Service Learning Committee)

Committee Established:  May 2022  (last updated 2/7/2024)

2023-2024 Faculty Appointments

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
VACANT, Student Congress (2023-2024)
Jennifer Anderson, Community Engagement Director
VACANT, Registrar


2022-2024 Faculty Appointments
Ali Woerner (CAS)
Deidre Hurse (SOM)
Nancy Bulgarelli (UL)
Huirong Fu (SECS)
Caress Dean (SHS)  AT-LARGE 

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Meaghan Barry (CAS)
Tanya Christ (SEHS)
Caitlyn Demsky (SBA)
Bridget Kies (CAS) AT-LARGE

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Rebecca Cheezum (CHAIR) 2023-2024
Linda Bzetaj (CAS)
Ron Piscotty (SON)

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Lizmari Dedi (Student Congress)  2023-2024
VACANT (Student Congress) 2023-2024
Susanne Condron (OIRA Senior Research Analyst)
Jennifer Anderson (Director of Community Engagement)
Sarah Butash (Registrar or Designee)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (EVPAA Designee)


Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Danielle Ligocki (SEHS)
Guolan Yang (CAS) for (CAS) faculty retirement
Katie Mysen (SON)
Michael Chaney (SEHS) (At-Large)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Man Jin (SBA)
Angineh Djavadghazaryans (CAS)
Xia Wang (SECS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Amany Tawfik (Ad Hoc - ERI)
L. Bailey McDaniel (CAS)
Harry (George) Sanders (CAS) CHAIR 2023-2024
Tracey Taylor (SOM)
Christopher Wilson (SHS)
Anne Zacharias (UL)

2022-2025 Staff (AP) Appointment
Kelli Dowd (SHS) 

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Jimena Garcia (Student Congress) 2022-2023
Lorena Nobani (CMI Ambassador/Mentor) 
Aura Cazares (SVP SA&D Designee)
Mark Navin (Department Chair)
Nivedita Mukherji (EVPAA Designee/ Associate Provost)

Last Updated:  10/13/23 

General Education Assessment Committee

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Kevin Laam (CAS)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Akiko Kashiwagi-Wood (CAS)
Angela Kaiser (CAS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Jacob Cayanus (CAS)
Annie Sullivan (CAS) for (SON vacancy) 
Lan Jiang (CAS) AT LARGE CO-CHAIR 2023-2024

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Patricia Cameron (SON)
David Fausone (SHS)
Karl Majeske (SBA)
Nancy Bulgarelli (UL)
Cynthia Carver (SEHS) Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Greg Bartley (SEHS) for Cynthia Carver Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Richard Olawoyin (SECS)

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio
Marco Yu (Student Congress)
Song Yan (Director of OIRA)
Tammy Tollon (OIRA Assessment Specialist and Research Analyst)
John Cebelak (Registrar or Designee)

Last Updated:  12/19/23

General Education Committee

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Lauren Childs (SEHS) (Replacing Bill Solomonson) 
Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo (CAS) CO-CHAIR 2022-2024, Sabbatical Winter 2024
Liz Kattner (CAS) for Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Stephen Bazinski (SECS) replacing Jing Tang
Julia Rodriguez (UL) Acting CO-CHAIR Winter 2024 for Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo Sabbatical
VACANCY (SON) due to faculty leaving OU
Stephanie Mabry (SHS) replacing Lindsay Gietzen
Brittany Williams (SHS) replacing Stephanie Mabry (SHS) for Winter 2024 Leave

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Adina Schneeweis (CAS)  CO-CHAIR 2022-2024
Yan Ling (SBA)
Debatosh Debnath (SECS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Addington Coppin (SBA)
Derek Hastings (CAS - HUM) Sabbatical Winter 2024
Jessica Payette (CAS-HUM) for Derek Hastings Winter 2024 Sabbatical
Mary Craig (CAS-SS)

2022-2025 Staff Advising Appointments
Jade Dang (PAC-FYAC) 

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Mohammad Salman (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Kevin Laam (Co-Chair from GEAC) 2023-2024
Mario Scibila (Registrar or Designee)
Linda Gamage (General Education Coordinator)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (Interim Associate Provost)

Last Updated: 4/9/2024

General Education Program Revision Ad Hoc Committee

Committee Established:  May 2022 (last updated 4/19/24)

Faculty Appointments
VACANT (CAS - Visual and Performing Arts)
Yongjin Lu (CAS- Math)
Lori Ostergaard (CAS- Writing)
Maria Paino (CAS-Sociology)  CO-CHAIR
Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo (CAS-Modern Languanges) to replace Jennifer Vonk / Sabbatical WI 2024
Elizabeth Kattner (CAS - English) to replace Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo for WI 2024 Sabbatical
Adina Schneeweis (CAS- CJPR)  
John McCulloch (SBA)
Deana Hays (SON)
Amanda Lynch (SHS) to replace Schicheng Chen
Cindy Carver (SEHS) Winter 2024 Sabbatical leave
Patti Bills (SEHS) for C Carver Winter 2024
Laila Guessous (SECS) CO-CHAIR 
Amanda Hess (UL) replacing Kris Condic (UL)

Professional Advising Appointment
Kurt Kirkpatrick (SECS) (PAC Adviser; non-CAS) for Jamie Franklin,Zach Barclay

Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
VACANT (OU Student Congress - Undergraduate Representative)
Jason Taylor (CAS Advising Director or Designee)
Paul Battle (Registrar or Designee)
Elaine Carey (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences)  CHAIR
Dawn Aubry (Vice President of Enrollment Mgmt or Designee)
Susanne Condron, Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Data Analytics (OIRADA)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (EVPAA Designee)

Graduate Council

NOTE:  Rules setting the Graduate Council membership are part of the OU Senate Constitution Article VI.

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Seong Yeon Cho (SBA)
Daniel Llamocca (SECS)
V. Thandi Sule (SEHS)
Darrin Hanna (SECS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Joanne Lipson-Freed (CAS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Anne Hranchook (SON)
John Krauss (SHS)
Victoria Lucia Ph.D. (SOM)
Meir Schillor (CAS)
Paul Weinberg (SEHS)

2022-2023 Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Brandy Randall (Dean Graduate School) CHAIR
Claire Rammel (Assistant Dean Graduate School)
Helen Levenson (UL)

Updated:  8/18/23 

Honorary Degree

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments 
Brandon Gustafson (SBA)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Rebecca Boni (SON)
Elizabeth Delorme-Axford (CAS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Jessica Payette (CAS)
Guolan Yang (CAS)
Robert Del Greco (CAS) Winter 2024  replacing Xie Zhu (SBA) on leave

2023-2024 Student and Ex-Officio Appointments
Phillip Patterson (Graduate Student)
Amy Banes-Berceli (EVPAA Designee) CHAIR

Last Updated:  2/19/24

Intercollegiate Athletics

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Dan Aloi (SECS)
Fritz McDonald (CAS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Terry Dibble (SHS)
Lori Hodorek (SHS)

Staff Advising Appointments
Evan Dermidoff (PAC- SECS)  2023-2026
Dan Arnold (AP Assembly) 2022-2025

2023-2024 Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Ian Cleary  (SAACEC Men’s Representative)
Jillian Rice (SAACEC Women’s Representative)
Cortney Heileman  (Community Member)
Ashley Stone (Senior Woman Athletic Representative)
Melissa McDonald (Faculty Athletic Representative) CHAIR
Steve Waterfield (Athletic Director)
Mari Tilashalski (Athletic Compliance)

Last Updated:  7/18/23


2022-2024 Faculty Appointments
Nancy Bulgarelli (UL)
Molly McGuire (UL)
Helen Levenson (UL)
Tracey Taylor (SOM)
Kate Rougeau (SHS) CHAIR 2023-2024
Xia Wang (SECS)
Aycil Cesmelioglu (CAS-MS)
Karen McGarry (SEHS)
Liz Shesko (CAS-HUM)
Misa Mi (SOM- Medical Library Faculty)

2023-2025 Faculty Appointments
Mariela Hristova (UL)
Rebekah Farrugia (CAS-LL)
Betty Tonui (CAS - SS)
Yazan Roumani (SBA)

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Jason Jimenez (Student Congress Undergraduate) 2023-2024
Leann Hadeed (Student Congress Undergraduate)  2023-2024 (Winter 2024)
Neha Bhatt (Graduate Student) 2023-2024
Polly Boruff-Jones (Dean, University Libraries)
Nivedita Mukherji (EVPAA&P or Designee - Associate Provost)

Last Updated:  12/19/23

Mental Health Committee

This ad hoc committee was approved in the university senate on March 17, 2022.  The duration of membership is for the period of ad hoc committee. 

2022-2023 Faculty Appointments and for duration of committee

Susan McCarty (CAS) - CO-CHAIR
Kimberly Byrd (CAS)
Terry Dibble (SHS) 
Annie Gilson (CAS)
Danielle Ligocki (SEHS)
Nikki Scott (CAS)
Jennifer Matthews (SEHS) - Mental Health Designation
Theresa Chahine (SON) - Mental Health Designation
Melodie Kondratek (SHS) - Mental Health Designation

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments

Maris Ferguson (Student Congress)
VACANT (RA Hillcrest Hall)

Emma Garrett (Student)
Ian Allen (Student)
Destiny Mahone (Graduate Student)
Shane Kolo  (Graduate Student)
Amena Khan (Graduate Student) 
Ashley Finkley (PAC Representative) 
Cortney Heileman (Univ Rec & Well Being)
David Schwartz    (GHC and/or SEHS Representative)
Elizabeth Forester (OUPSA CT Representative- Registrar's Office)
Charles Guzowski (AP - Representative)
Carrie Miller (AP- Representative)
Shona Collins (OUPD Representative)
Sarah Guadalupe  (DSS Representative - Optional)
OPTIONAL - (DEI Representative)
Jessie Hurse - CO-CHAIR (Assoc Dean of Students & Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Amy Banes-Berceli (EVPAA Designee)

Updated:  11/21/23

Planning Review

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments

Sumi Dinda (SHS)
Rob Nehmer (SBA)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Amanda Lynch (SHS)
Lori Burrington (CAS) CHAIR 2023-2024

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Roger Larocca (CAS)
Randy Gu (SECS)

Permanent Staff Appointments
Westergaard, Tricia (AP Assembly)

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Murryum Farooqi (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Song Yan (OIRA Director)
Brandy Randall (Dean, Graduate School)
Amy Banes-Berceli  (Associate Provost)

Last Updated:  8/21/23

Research Committee (URC)

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments
Sara Arena (SHS)  CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Michael Kranak (SEHS) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Lakshmi Roman (CAS)
Scott Tiegs (CAS)
Hanna Kalmanovich-Cohen (SBA)
Olga Ehrilch (SON)
Vardan Karamyan (SOM)
Shawn Lombardo (UL)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Jia Li (SECS)
Valance Washington (CAS)- Graduate Council Representative; appointed by Graduate Council

Ex-Officio Appointments
Stone, Dave (Chief Research Officer)

Last Updated:  7/19/23 

Student Academic Support Committee

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments

Betty Tonui (CAS)
Tara Diesbourg (SHS) CHAIR 2023-2024
Erin Dwyer (CAS)
Nicholas Lauer (SEHS)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Stephen Bazinski (SECS)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Qunfeng Liao (SBA)

2022-2025 Advising Staff Appointee
Ariana Abott (SECS) (PAC) for Caitlin Thayer

2022-2025 e-Lis Appointee
Dan Arnold 

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Maris Ferguson(Student Congress Undergraduate) 2023-2024
Vanessa Thompson (Graduate Student) 2023-2024
Murryum Farooqi (President, Student Congress) 2023-2024
Lori Marsh (SVP SA&D or Designee)
Jessie Hurse (SVP SA&D Designee)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (EVPAA or Designee) 

Last Updated:  3/14/24

Teaching and Learning

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments

Elena Borrelli (SHS) replacing Schicheng Chen & Lindsay Gietzen
Changiz Mohiyeddini (SOM) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Lynda Poly-Droulard (SON)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Tammy Grace (SBA) CO-CHAIR 2023-2024
Dan Delvescovo (SECS)
Amany Tawfik (ERI)

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Linda Doornbos (SEHS)
Subha Bhaskaran (CAS)
Robert Del Greco (CAS)  Winter 2024 Sabbatical

Staff Appointments
April Thomas Powell (SON) (AP Assembly) 2023-2026
Kate Huttenlocher (eLis) (AP Assembly) 2021-2024

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Lance Markowitz (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Marcus Johnson (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Victoria Ouding (Student Congress)  2023-2024
VACANT (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Sarah Hosch (EVPAA or Designee)

Last Updated:  2/19/24

University Calendar Ad Hoc Committee

New committee established May 2023 (Last Updated:  8/21/23)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments for duration of AdHoc Committee

Erin Kennedy (SON)
Julia Smith (SEHS)
Mike Latcha (SECS)
Michelle Hammond (SBA)
James Naus (CAS - HUM)
Jennifer Lucarelli (SHS)
Beth Wallis (Library)
Ken Mitton (ERI) At-Large
Evan Trivedi (CAS- MS) At Large

2022-2025 Student and Staff Appointments
Ethan Lehman-Pace (Student Congress)  2023-2024
Tricia Westergaard (Registrar)

Nivedita Mukherji (EVPAA Academic Affairs - Associate Provost)
Brandy Randall (Graduate School)

University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction

2021-2024 Faculty Appointments

Kareen Tonsing (CAS-SS)
Chhabi Govind (CAS-MS)
Emily Spunaugle (UL) Fall 2023 (Winter 2024 Sabbatical) /
Nancy Bulgarelli (UL) Winter 2024 for Emily Spunaugle Sabbatical leave
Virginia Uhley (SOM)
Patti Bills (SEHS) to replace S Shin (committee move) & A Bhargava (dept chair)

2022-2025 Faculty Appointments
Osman Aydas (SBA) 2023-2025 to replace Donna Free (SBA)
Joshua Haworth (SHS) Sabbatical Winter 2024
David Fausone (SHS) for Joshua Haworth Winter 2024 Sabbatical

2023-2026 Faculty Appointments
Ami Harbin (CAS-HUM)
Kathy Battles (CAS- LL)
Lunjin Lu (SECS)

2022-2025 Staff Appointments
Christopher Mocny (CAS-SMTD) (PAC) to replace M. Chamberlain 

Student, Staff and Ex-Officio Appointments
Meron Easo (Student Congress) 2023-2024
Lance Markowitz (Student Congress) 2023-2024
Jennifer Cordon Thor (Chairperson of Faculty Council, BIS)
Sara Webb (SVP SA&D Designee)
Nicole Boelk  (Director, Financial Aid or Designee)
Tricia Westergaard (Registrar)
Kristin Landis-Piwowar (Associate Provost), CHAIR

Last Updated:  1/22/24