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Academic Executive Searches

Health Sciences
Dean Search

School of Health Sciences Dean Search

Dean Candidates
Wayne Miller

Miller interview survey:

Barry Franklin

Franklin interview survey:

Mark Williams

Williams interview survey:

Kevin Ball

Ball interview survey

Search Committee Members

Bob Folberg, Founding Dean, School of Medicine, CHAIR

Amanda Lynch, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

Kristen Landis-Piwowar, Assistant Professor, BDTS

John Krauss, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Kris Thompson, Special Instructor, Physical Therapy

Tamara Hew-Butler, Associate Professor, Exercise Science

Flora Dallo, Associate Professor, Wellness, Health Promotion & Injury Prevention

Jennifer Lucarelli, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

Lynne Williams, Professor BDTS

Richard Olawoyin, Assistant Professor in Environmental Health and Safety

Maria Ebner-Smith, Assistant Dean

Nancy Demo, Executive Secretary

Janice Eaton, Program Coordinator, MPH

Michelle Southward, Director of Advising

Scott Craill, Associate Dean

Ewa Matuszewski, Michigan Network One, SHS Advisory Board Member

Danielle Bohn, Student Representative

Search Consultant
AGB Search

Dean Search

School of Nursing Dean Search

Search Committee Members 

Jon Margerum-Keys, Dean, School of Education and Human Services, CHAIR

Suha Kridli, Professor of Nursing

Cheryl Riley-Doucet, Professor of Nursing

Judi Fouladbakhsh, Associate Professor of Nursing

Claudia Grobbel, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Ann Hranchook, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Joann Denby, Technical Support Coordinator

Eileen Lohmeier, Executive Secretary

Jill Asselin, Office Assistant III, Secretary to the Associate Dean

Cheryl McPherson, Assistant Dean

Teresa Rodges, Executive Director of Nursing Education/CE (Focus Hope and Outreach)

Colette O’Connor, Development Officer

Deana Hays, Associate Dean

Kay Douglas, President and CEO Douglas Marketing Group and member SON Advisory Board

Carlie Austin, Student Representative

Search Consultant
AGB Search

AVP Search

Associate Vice President, Research 

Candidate's Cover Letters and Resumé/CV's 
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Search Committee Members
  • Claudia Petrescu, Dean, Graduate Education, CHAIR
  • Kris Condic, Professor, Library
  • Patricia Wren, Associate Professor, Health Sciences
  • Lan Yao, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • John McEneaney, Professor, Education
  • Andrea Eis, Associate Professor, English
  • Sayed Nassar, Distinguished Professor, Engineering
  • Becky Sandborg, Director of Requlatory Support, Office of Research Admin.
  • Judy Venuti, Professor, Medicine
  • Gopalan Srinivasan, Distinguished Professor, Physics
  • Frank Giblin, Director, Eye Research Institute
  • Todd Shackelford, Professor, Psychology
  • Vijayan Sugumaran, Professor, Business Administration
  • Susan Awbrey, Senior Associate Provost

Search Consultant
R. William Funk and Associates