Office for Student Involvement

Oakland Center, Room 49
312 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4454
(location map)
(248) 370-2400

OSI Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

OSI Service Window Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Congress

Oakland University Student Congress strives to represent the student body and increase pride and unity on campus through dynamic leadership, a commitment to diversity, and an ongoing devotion to the quality of university life. We aim to meet the needs and address the concerns of our fellow students and encourage students to voice their ideas to help us create the best possible "Oakland experience".

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Executive Board

Andrew Romano 
Student Body President

Murryum Farooqi
Student Body Vice President

Jeremy Johnson
Director of Executive Platform

Jordan Tolbert
Director of Software and Technology

Destiny Williams 
Director of Student Advocacy

Chiara Nava 
Director of Sustainability

Cameron Roach 
Student Activities Funding Board Chair

Legislative Members

D' Juanna Lester
Speaker of the Legislature
Tyler Gallagher
Nayah Pitts
Ethan Lehman-Pace 
Brennan Smith

Other Members

Jean Ann Miller 
Jessie Hurse
Sam Andrzejewski
Maintenance Associate


If you are interested in getting involved with Oakland University's Student Congress for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact us at for more information. If you are interested in joining a specific committee, contact the person named at the end of each committee posting.

Elections Commission
The Elections commission is a group of students working with the Administrative Assistant during the election season. The Commission is responsible for various tasks related to the candidates throughout the elections in addition to events such as the Elections Kickoff, and the President and Vice President debates. Contact the OUSC general email at 

Scholarship Committee
The scholarship committee is a group of creative and motivated individuals creating new scholarships and awards for OU students. These scholarships can help a graduating senior get their bachelor's degree or help a new freshman out financially. These scholarships include academics, athletics, financial hardships, leaderships, and many more! Be more involved around campus and join the Scholarship Committee. This is your chance to give back! Contact the OUSC general email at

Judiciary Committee
The Judiciary Committee serves as the judicial branch of the congress. As such, it is responsible for making sure that the congress is following the rules and regulations outlined in our constitution and bylaws. Typically the committee convenes on a weekly basis to review any absences filed by legislators, and discuss the current happenings of the congress. When needed, the judiciary committee is responsible for bringing together the official court, which will pass judgment on issues regarding the constitution. Contact the OUSC general email at

Research and Review Committee
The Research and Review Committee looks into problems or issues that the Legislature brings forth to it, can pass issues to other committees where the topic pertains, submits feedback and reports on various issues or researched initiatives, and assists the Student Body President in assigning legislators to any University-wide committees. Contact the OUSC general email at

Civic Affairs Committee
Interested in politics? As a committee member, you would have the opportunity to research student issues for lobbying efforts as well as take part in vote registration drives. This committee can also meet and work with Student Governments at the state and federal level. Contactthe OUSC general email at

Marketing Committee
As a committee member, you would assist the Director of Marketing in brainstorming different promotions, post fliers throughout campus, and pass out promotions in the Oakland Center when OUSC has events coming up. Contact the OUSC general email at

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Oakland University accepts and celebrates all students of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, you would be engaged in actively representing every student group on campus while pursuing University-wide policy change and initiatives that are aimed at transforming Oakland University. If you want to push your university forward and be a part of change on campus, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee welcomes you with open arms and mind. Contact the OUSC general email at

Student Services Committee
As a member of this committee you will work alongside the Director of Student Services to resolve any concerns students may have during their time here at Oakland. At the meetings, committee initiatives are discussed, project liaisons give updates, and the members propose new initiative ideas. If you have a desire to make a lasting impact with your time here at Oakland University, this committee invites you to help us bring about positive change. Contact the OUSC general email at

Campus Health Committee
The Campus Health Committee gives students a chance to advocate for healthy living and environmentally awareness. Members of the Campus Health Committee can engage in committee meetings, participate in committee events, and get involved with various initiatives. Contact for more information on joining. 

Sustainability Committee
The Sustainability Committee consists of students interested in events and initiatives promoting campus wide sustainability as well as dedication to advancing Oakland University's environmental health. For interest in joining, contact the OUSC general email at

Steering Committee
Most public governing bodies have a steering committee. It is the duty of the Steering Committee to compile the agenda that is used for all University Student Congress General Body Meetings. Members of the committee would decide whether or not proposed items (such as bills, proposals and member approvals) should be placed on the upcoming agenda based on bylaws, constitution, etc. Contact the OUSC general email at

Archival Committee
The Archival Committee of the Oakland University Student Congress was originally established in 2005 under the direction of Former Student Body President Michael McGuinness for the purpose of maintaining the paper trail of Student Government records for each administration. The committee is also responsible for preserving all student government history and maintaining a connection between the current administration and alumni of the Student Government. Contact the OUSC general email at for more information on joining.

Campaign Initiatives


More information to come. 

Current Services

As of summer 2012, a Scantron machine is available in the lower level of the Oakland Center across from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. This Scantron vending machine offers school supplies such as pencils, note cards, headphones, and much more.

In the fall of 2014, Student Congress has expanded this initiative and began offering free Scantrons to students. We ask that to receive a Scantron, students follow us on social media sites (Grizz Orgs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so they see our updates. Students who come to the Student Congress office can receive two Scantrons for free, everyday. If our office is closed, our Scantron machine is right down the hall! We offer the following types of scantrons for free:

  • 882-E (long green scantron)
  • 815-E (short green scantron)
  • Blue Books

Student Congress also offers free printing for students! Everyday students are eligible to print
up to 5 pages (front and back) in color or black and white. Visit the Student Congress office
during our business hours to utilize this cost-saving initiative!

Beginning every Fall and Winter semester, Student Congress’ Chief of Staff offers
free IClicker rentals. The rental registration is first come, first serve. Rentals are semester long
and eligible for renewal, contingent on necessity. Please visit our office at the beginning of the
semesters to inquire about the availability of IClickers. Any further questions, please contact Chief of Staff Abbie Austin at 

In the Oakland Center bathrooms, you will find baskets of free tampons and sanitary napkins.
We have the privilege of offering free menstrual hygiene products to any student. Visit us
whenever our office is open to receive free tampons and sanitary napkins. Please inform us if
our supply of tampons and sanitary napkins are running low in the Oakland Center bathrooms.

Visit us daily for a variety of giveaways, snacks, and school supplies for FREE!



  • Bear Bus and Bear Bus Tracking
  • 24-hour access to Kresge Library
  • Increased Minimum Wage for Student Employees
  • On-Campus Accessibility Enhancements
  • Tuition Equality Policy for DACA Students
  • Voter Registration
  • Emergency Funding at Graham Health Center
  • Readership Program
  • Free Summer Recreation Access for Continuing Students and Recent Alums
  • Updated Locks in Academic Building
  • Affordable Educational Materials
  • Nightwatch parking passes 
  • Modification of Dean's list criteria
  • Scooter access on campus 

  • Mental health resources for students
  • COVID-19 student relief and support 
  • OER implementation and usage 
  • Transfer meal accessibility 

* More initiatives will be added to this list as OUSC progresses towards creating an
equitable environment for all Oakland University students.

Get Involved

Be sure to follow our OUSC social media (@ouscofficial on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for the most current updates about our events and initiatives. 

Interested in becoming a legislator? The process is easier than ever before. To apply, simply fill out this form

The hammocks you see scattered throughout campus are a part of the OUSC outdoor initiative,
which includes picnic tables, benches, information kiosk and hammocks. Hammocks offer
relaxation to students and yet another location for students to spend time on campus. These
hammocks can currently be found around Bear Lake, Oak View Hall, Varner Hall, and other
popular areas on campus. During the winter season, these hammocks are taken indoors so they
don't get damaged in the harsh weather. Be sure to enjoy them in the fall, spring and summer!

Student of the Month Award (SOM) is to recognize students who have shown an outstanding
dedication through campus involvement to the Oakland University community. Interested
students can access the SOM application on the Student Congress’ portal on Grizzorgs. If
selected to be the Student of the Month, students will receive a swag pack, a bookstore shopping spree, recognition on our social media, and other exclusive rewards. Feel free to reach out to Bailee Gierman Director of Student Services, at 

Trash the Textbooks

We are giving away 30 free scholarships to aid in reducing the cost of college for students at OU. To apply, do any or all of the following:

  • Instagram Drawing - See our Instagram for directions on how to enter into a drawing for one of 10 $100 textbook scholarships here.

  • Textbook Survey - Fill out the following textbook survey to be entered to win one of the 10 $150 textbook scholarships here.

  • Textbook Testimonial - To be entered to win one of 10 $200 textbook scholarships, write a one page (or less) statement about your experience purchasing course materials. This can include the impact of the financial burden, difficulty accessing materials, or anything else. Submit your completed testimonial here.

You may apply for any/all these scholarships even if you have already purchased textbooks for this semester. If you have any questions about textbook scholarships, please contact

Additionally, to help OUSC’s push for free/reduced cost course materials at OU, sign our petition here. 

Public Documents

To view our public documents, such as our Constitution and Bylaws, please visit our page on GrizzOrgs:

Agendas and Minutes
To request meeting agendas and/or minutes, please email your requests to Jeremy Johnson at 

Budget Sheets
To request budget sheets, please email your requests to Andrew Romano at

Civic Engagement

2020 Census 

  • Census results help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year.
  • Results determine how many seats a state gets in Congress.
  • The US Census Bureau is bound by law to keep answers confidential.
  • Students should be counted where they live at school (or where they live for the majority of the year).
  • Students should make sure that they have not already been counted by their family before filling out the 2020 Census.
  • You do not need a Census ID to complete the Census.
  • You can respond to the Census until October 31.

Voter Registration for Michigan

  • You can register online here:
  • Proposal 3 allowed for automatic registration, so you can check here to see if you are already registered: 
  • Michigan has same day registration, so you can register at the polls. We recommend you register before you vote in order to speed up the process!

Voting in Michigan

August 4, 2020 - State primary

November 3, 2020 - General Election

Voting in other states

  • If you’re not from Michigan, you can go to to get info on voting from your state.

Pledge to Vote

  • Fill out this google form to participate in the OUSC Pledge to Vote Campaign. You will receive reminders on upcoming elections, voter registration deadlines, and other important information on civic engagement.