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North Foundation Hall, Room 120
318 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
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Store Setup Form

Store Setup Form

To create a new store in the OU MarketPlace, fill out the MarketPlace Store Setup Request Form.

Please e-mail completed forms to

The following information is required on the Store Setup form:

  • Store name: generally the department name.
  • Purpose: what the store will be used to sell. i.e. conference, seminar, apparel, other goods and services.
  • Duration: one-time, one-time annually, or ongoing.
  • Estimated Annual Sales
  • Estimated Number of Transactions (Annual)
  • Store Telephone: contact telephone number for the store.
  • Store Fax: if applicable, a fax contact number for the store.
  • Contact Address: contact person's department contact address.
  • Store Contact: contact person for MarketPlace store.
  • E-mail: contact person's e-mail address.
  • Bankcard Discount Fees Fund: Fund/Account to which bankcard fees are to be charged.
  • Department Name: the requester's department name.
  • Requester: name and e-mail of person requesting a MarketPlace store.
  • Department Head: name and e-mail of the head of the requester's department.