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State Aid

The State of Michigan website provides a wealth of information about Michigan aid programs. Please select the tab below to learn more about these programs.

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver

Oakland University is proud to support greater equity for all Native students as they pursue their higher education goals. We offer a safe, supportive environment where students are seen and heard, and given the opportunity to thrive.

Students interested in applying for a Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver, a program administered by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR), can access information on the MDCR’s website or by calling (231) 439-5247 or by contacting them at: 110 W. Michigan Avenue, Suite 800, Lansing, MI 48933.

We encourage all eligible students to apply for the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver. In order to receive it:

  • Oakland University must receive written notice from the MDCR that the student has been verified as having sufficiently established eligibility for a Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver; and
  • The eligible student must:
    • Be admitted to Oakland University for the purpose of enrolling in academic credit-bearing Oakland University courses;
    • Be registered for Oakland University credit-bearing courses to which the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver will apply; the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver will not apply to competency credits, auditing, AP, IB, Dante, CLEP, continuing education (CE), consortium credits and/or any other non-credit bearing courses; and
    • Provide proof, as required by Oakland University, establishing that the student, or parent if the student is a dependent (custodial parent if the parents are unmarried), has been a legal resident of the State of Michigan for not less than 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of enrollment in a semester to which the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver will apply.

In order for a Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver to be applied to a particular semester, all documentation relating to the waiver must be received and processed by Oakland University’s  Student Financial Services by the earlier of:

  • the last day that the student is enrolled in that semester
  • the last day of that semester

The total combined amount of a student’s financial aid award(s) and Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver(s) may not exceed the total cost of attendance as established by Oakland University.

Learn more about Oakland University’s land acknowledgement statement.

Michigan Aid Programs

View details and criteria for all State of Michigan Programs.

  • Children of Veterans Tuition Grant
    The Children of Veterans Tuition Grant provides undergraduate tuition assistance to students older than 16 and less than 26 years of age who are the natural or adopted child of a Michigan veteran. The veteran must have died or became totally and permanently disabled as a result of military service.

  • Fostering Futures Scholarship
    The Fostering Futures Scholarship provides scholarships to students who have experienced foster care in Michigan on or after age 13. Students must also demonstrate financial need to qualify.

  • Michigan Achievement Scholarship
    Students from Michigan's high school graduating class of 2023 may be eligible for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship. The scholarship is valued at up to $5,500 per year when attending a public university. Students must complete the FAFSA to be considered for eligibility. Additionally, the student (and their parents, if applicable) must be Michigan residents and have a 9-month Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $25,000 or less.
  • Michigan Competitive Scholarship
    The Michigan Competitive Scholarship is available to undergraduate students pursuing their first degree and is based on both financial need and merit. To be considered, a student must take the SAT (Class of 2017 and beyond) prior to entering college and achieve a qualifying score of at least 1200.

  • Michigan Future Educator Fellowship
    The Michigan Future Educator Fellowship will offer up to $10,000 in scholarship for 2,500 future educators every year. To be considered, students must meet eligibility criteria for the fellowship, complete a FAFSA, and program application

  • Michigan Future Educator Stipend
    The Michigan Future Educator Stipend will provide up to a $9,600 stipend to students in their student teacher semester to support Michigan's hardworking student teachers as they continue their journey to being in the classroom full time. To be considered, students must meet eligibility criteria for the fellowship, complete a FAFSA, and stipend application

  • Police Officer's and Fire Fighter's Survivor Tuition Grant
    The Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s Survivor Tuition Act provides for the waiver of tuition at a Michigan community college or public university for children and surviving spouses of Michigan police officers and fire fighters killed in the line of duty. The program is intended to provide an educational benefit to the spouse and children of police officers and fire fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities and the citizens of Michigan.

  • Tuition Incentive Program
    The Tuition Incentive Program encourages students to complete high school by providing college tuition assistance after graduation. Eligible students are those who have or have had Medicaid coverage for 24 months within a 36 month period as identified by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services