Facilities Management

Facilities Management Building
411 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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Work Order Requests

Work Order Requests

Goods and services are provided by Facilities Management to the Oakland University Community by the generation of work order requests. These requests are processed by the Work Control Center/Business Office of Facilities Management.

Work order requests are received by the Work Control Center via:

1. Personal submission at the Facilities Management Building
2. Telephone submission by dialing (248) 370-2381
3. Campus mail to Work Control Center, Facilities Management Building
4. Direct from this page at The Hub

A statement indicating whether the work order request has been accepted, rejected, or needs modification will be sent to the requestor by e-mail. If accepted or modified, the work order request becomes a work order. The status of the work can be obtained thru iService Desk until completion. Upon completion of the work order, a statement will be sent by e-mail to inform the requestor.