Accounts Payable

West Vandenberg Hall, Room 121
502 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)

Accounts Payable

Oakland University’s Accounts Payable Department assists other OU departments in making payments to vendors and reimbursing employees.  The Accounts Payable office is located at 121 West Vandenberg Hall, next to the Payroll office.  The Accounting office is also located in our suite.

Students requiring information on their student accounts (payments, holds, etc.) should contact Student Business Services at (248) 370-2550 or

Accounts Payable responsibilities include:

  • Managing the university purchasing card program;
  • Processing all university payment vouchers in accordance with university policies and procedures;
  • Responding to vendor inquiries about payment issues;
  • Reporting total calendar year payments to the IRS for applicable vendors

Please check out the rest of the Accounts Payable website for timely tips, new information, answers to frequently asked questions and access to accounts payable forms.

Payment Processing Beginning March 23, 2020

Since Michigan’s Governor has issued an order to stay home there will be no way to receive paper payment documents for processing. Since some payments may still be needed and many are still working off-campus, obtaining original signatures on reimbursement documents cannot occur unless those working from home have a scanner available. If not, until further notice Accounts Payable (A/P) will accept emailed TES and PV documents with the appropriate emailed approvals for processing.

For TES forms, the department should email the receipts/invoices and all related supporting documentation to the traveler to obtain their email approval to submit for reimbursement, then to the supervisor and/or fund signer for review and approval to be submitted for payment. PV’s with all of the required support should follow their usual approval process as well via email. Those emails will serve as your signature authorizations respectively. Those transactions requiring Grant Office approvals should be sent to them via email to with their approval email being included in the final package being sent to Accounts Payable for processing.

The email approvals all need to be conveyed to Accounts Payable along with the PV or TES and we will accept payment documents sent to the Accounts Payable email box. Documents and any questions can be sent to If sending a TES for a cancelled trip, please remember to denote in the Purpose of Travel section, "cancelled" or "postponed trip", including the intended business purpose of the trip, dates, location, etc. Please also provide all of the information as if the trip occurred and appropriate comments in the Notes section.

We will be processing remotely beginning this week and reviewing emails for transactions and questions. If we have questions we will be reaching out to the document preparers and/or approvers as needed so please be sure to provide that contact information on the documents and emails.

Until further notice payment runs will be reduced to only once a week with checks on Friday’s.