Applied Electromagnetics and Wireless Lab (AEWL)

The AEWL was formed by Dr. Daniel N. Aloi to address the needs created by the increasing evolution of wireless systems into our everyday world. The global proliferation of wireless technologies onto dynamic platforms has generated challenging engineering issues such as antenna design, antenna placement, signal propagation modeling, interference and overall wireless system performance. The AEWL has focused its expertise and capabilities to conduct sponsored research and to provide undergraduate and graduate level curriculum in these areas.

The AEWL possesses extensive antenna measurement capability that directly addresses the needs of the automotive industry. It has an Outdoor Automotive Antenna Range that is capable of measuring on-vehicle antenna radiation pattern measurements and an Indoor Antenna Measurement Chamber that is capable of measuring ground-plane level antenna radiation pattern measurements. Both facilities cover the frequency range extending from 800 MHz up to 6000 MHz. Independent antenna measurement service is conducted through the AEWL for private industry, government agencies and other academic institutions. The AEWL has conducted $1.8M in funded research since 2003 from private industry and federal agencies.

To offer curriculum and conduct sponsored research that address the needs of industry and government in the areas of applied electromagnetics and wireless systems.