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Hydration Stations

Employee Well-Being

Oakland University Employee Wellness strives to support the enhancement and maintenance of Oakland University faculty and staff’s quality of life. In collaboration with campus and community resources, our goal is to provide you with valuable educational programs, resources, and activities that support your personal goals to live a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness programming is open to all Oakland University Faculty and Staff to participate.

Carrot Wellness

Carrot Logo
We are excited to introduce a new wellness initiative that is designed to reward all members of our faculty and staff for leading more active lives. Beginning January 20, every faculty and staff member at Oakland University will have the opportunity to participate in Carrot Wellness, a free incentive program that rewards you financially for walking, running, and climbing stairs.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Willis at or Becky Lewis at

Upcoming Carrot Wellness Events

We will be hosting several tabling events across campus for faculty and staff to help you start using Carrot on a daily basis. The sooner you download and use the app, the sooner you can begin to earn incentives and be rewarded financially for walking!

Carrot Wellness Launch Party and Open House
February 3, 2017
2 - 4 p.m. in the Recreation Center Social Lounge

Come to the Rec Center on January 20 to help us launch Carrot Wellness to all OU Faculty and Staff! Bring your phone with you and chat with one of our Carrot Wellness Ambassadors to have all of your questions and get Carrot Wellness set up on your phone. Test out how the app works by walking on our track!

Carrot Wellness Features

Here are some unique features of Carrot and our program:

  • Carrot Wellness is a free application (download on the Apple and Google Play stores) that gives each user a personalized activity goal that updates each day. Your activity goal is based on your own step history that is extracted from your phone.
  • Each day you meet your goal, you will earn one Goal Coin. You can then use your Goal Coins to purchase exclusive rewards that are available right on the app and get sent directly to your phone.
  • Steps are tracked by the technology on your phone, or you can sync with a wearable device like Fitbit
  • There are no reporting requirements and no paperwork to fill out. Everything including monitoring your goals, tracking your progress, and claiming your rewards, is done solely on your smartphone.

This program is available automatically for all Oakland University faculty and staff, absolutely free.

How to Download the App
  1. Download the free app from the Apple or Google Play store by searching "Carrot Wellness."
  2. Open the app and register using your phone number. IMPORTANT: You must use your Oakland Email under the 'Wellness' tab across the top once you have set the app up using your phone number in order to have access to the Oakland incentives. Do not register through Facebook.
  3. Go to your email inbox to open up the email sent from Carrot. Click on the link to verify your Oakland University account.
  4. Begin walking, earning Goal Coins, and purchasing great rewards that are available on the app right now!
Exclusive for OU Employees – Meet privately with Registered Dietitian Debra Cavender to discuss your unique health and nutrition needs. Have a mini-health plan designed for you and gain an understanding of the science that validates:
  • Many medical problems can be treated by appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes
  • There are some nutrition alternatives to medications and surgery
  • Asking key questions and reviewing options with a healthcare practitioner can give you better outcomes
Consultations are 45 minutes, and available at no cost to you. Appointments must be scheduled online and are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Spring/Summer 2017 Consultation Dates:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

To schedule an appointment, please contact Stephanie Willis at, or call 248-370-4968.

Nutrition Consultation Cancellation Policy: Any employee wishing to cancel their appointment must do so within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment time.  Cancellations may be made by calling Stephanie Willis at 248.370.4968 or email at with no penalty.  Any persons making a cancellation less than 48 hours in advance will be prohibited from booking another nutrition consultation for 6 months past the date of their original appointment. 
and Events
7th Annual Poker Walk
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Participate in National Employee Health and Fitness Month by walking a fun 1.5-mile (or NEW 2 mile) route. Join over 600 employees as they collect poker chips along the route, and place your bets to try and win best poker hand! Participate in a team with other OU Employees, or as an individual. Over 100 prizes will be up for grabs in addition to three prizes valued at $100 each for the top three poker hand winners.

This event is open to full and part time faculty and staff working in any department at Oakland University; student employees may participate with your team but are not eligible to play for prizes.

Team Registration Form

Individual Registration Form 

For more information on any of these events, please contact Stephanie at

2nd Annual Employee Kickball Tournament
Double Elimination Tournament - June 2017
12:10 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
RAOC Superfields

Back by popular demand this summer, we will be holding the second annual employee kickball tournament! Employees will kick off, department vs. department tournament style with the hopes of being named Kickball Champs! This will be a shortened version of a kickball game so it will fit in perfectly with your lunch break.

Come cheer on your favorite team! Game scheduled will be updated as teams move on within the bracket. Please see below for current game dates and times.

Tuesday, June 6 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 1A: UCM vs. OU Police Department (Final: UCM 7, OUPD 5)
Game 1B: SEHS vs. Development and Alumni Relations (Final: SEHS 0, DAR 25)

Wednesday, June 7 (12:10  - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 1C: SHS vs. Registrar's Office  (Final: SHS 5, Registrar 4)

Thursday, June 8 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 2A: OUPD vs. Team Last Call  (Final: OUPD 15, SEHS 2)

Tuesday, June 13 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 2B: Skilled Trades/RecWell vs. SHS  (Final: RecWell 13, SHS 7)
Game 2C: DAR vs. UCM  (Final: DAR 17, UCM 2)

Wednesday, June 14 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 2C: OUPD vs. SHS:  (Final: OUPD 19, SHS 3)
Game 2D: Registrar's Office vs. UCM  (Final: Registrar 1, UCM 18)

Tuesday, June 20 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)

Game 3A: Skilled Trades vs. K-Ballers (Final: Skilled Trades 8, DAR 10)
Game 3B: OUPD vs. UCM (Final: OUPD 17, UCM 7)

Thursday, June 22 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)
Game 3C: OUPD vs. Skilled Trades (Final: OUPD 12, Skilled Trades 14)

Wednesday, June 28 (12:10 - 1:00 p.m.)

For more information please contact Stephanie Willis at or call (248)370-4968.

Hydration Stations
June - August 2017

Last summer more than 500 gallons of infused water was delivered to departments across campus with the hopes of promoting the importance of hydration. Employees, both faculty and staff, not only consumed more water during the week a hydration station was brought to their office, but continued this lifestyle change throughout the entire summer.

If you are interested in having a hydration station brought to your office this summer, please fill out this request form! Stations are delivered on your scheduled week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with a different infused flavored water each day. For questions, please contact Stephanie Willis at, or call 248-370-4968.

*Water stations are limited, and scheduled on a first come, first serve basis June 5 – August 11.

Employee Friendly Group Exercise Pass
Are you an OU Employee interested in taking Group Exercise classes at the Rec Center?  There is now a pass designed especially for employees to purchase that allows you to participate in certain Group Exercise classes at a lower out of pocket cost!

The Employee Friendly Pass can be purchased at any time (online or at the Rec Center), starting Thursday, September 1 for $25.  This pass is good for any classes marked with an "EF" on the schedule, unlimited, for the 2017 Winter Semesters.

New to Group Exercise and not sure what classes you will like?  No problem!  Visit us January 4 through January 14 for our "Try-Us-Out" week where you can attend as many classes as you would like at no cost, and no passes required. Passes are required starting January 15.  For more information on the Employee Friendly Pass, please contact Stephanie at or call x.4968.
Workshop: Essential Oils Series
12:10 p.m.
Recreation Center (David E. Herman Room)

Learn the benefits of incorporating different essential oils into your lifestyle. Stacy Doroh, and essential oils expert will present several workshops on varying topics throughout the semester. Additionally, each workshop will be followed with a "Make and Take" session for you to have the opportunity to make your own essential oil blends to take home for a small fee.

Introduction to Essential Oils - Come learn what essential oils are, how they work, and why so many people are using them! We will also discuss the difference between essential oils, essential oil safety, and simple ways to use them daily within your home for yourself and family.
Wednesday, January 18 - Register Here!

Introduction to Essential Oils "Make and Take" ($) - We will show you how to make simple items to help support common needs that will be safe and effective for all members of the family. There will be different stations set up for you to visit and choose which items you would like to MAKE that day and then TAKE home with you. Price of each item to make will vary from $3-$7. Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal Payment accepted.
Wednesday, January 25 - Register Here!

Mood Management with Essential Oils - An informative, educational class that will teach you the benefits of using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to manage your emotional well-being. Come learn how to help you and your family support the body emotionally through the ups and downs of daily life.
Wednesday, February 15 - Register Here!

Mood Management with Essential Oils "Make and Take" ($) - We will show you how to make items that will be supportive of emotional well-being that will be safe and effective for all members of the family. There will be different stations set up for you to visit and choose which items you would like to MAKE that day and then TAKE home with you. Price of each item to make will vary from $3-$7. Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal Payment accepted.
Wednesday, February 22 - Register Here!

Green Cleaning with Essential Oils - Come learn natural ways you can clean your home without harsh preservatives and chemicals! Instead of coughing from the toxic fumes of some of your cleaning products, try using natural solutions and get the therapeutic benefits of essential oils!
Wednesday, March 15 - Register Here!

Green Cleaning with Essential Oils "Make and Take" ($) - We will show you how to make items you can use to clean your home toxic-free. There will be different stations set up for you to visit and choose which items you would like to MAKE that day and then TAKE home with you. Price of each item to make will vary from $3-$7. Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal Payment accepted.
Wednesday, March 22 - Register Here!

Essential Oils for Pets - This class is great for those that are new to essential oils and those that are already using them. Essential oils can also be used for our "fur babies"...come learn how! With recipes developed by Janet Roark, DVM, you'll be able to whip up some beneficial sprays for your dog or cat using just a few simple ingredients along with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.
Wednesday, April 12 - Register Here!

Essential Oils for Pets "Make and Take" ($) - We will show you how to make items you can use with your pets. There will be different stations set up for you to visit and choose which items you would like to MAKE that day and then TAKE home with you. Price of each item to make will vary from $3-$7. Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal Payment accepted.
Wednesday, April 19 - Register Here!

Workshop: Become Your On Anti-Cancer Advocate
Tuesday, March 28
12:10 p.m.
Recreation Center (David E. Herman Room)

Few words are as emotionally charged as the word  cancer. In this session you will discover that the emerging science of epigenetics show that lifestyle factors can be more than genetic mutations. With prevention being the best approach against any disease, you will learn that even with cancer, certain lifestyle adjustments can be a mighty defense. Register here.

Workshop: Mindfulness - A Tool to Promote Calm, Focus, and Self-Acceptance
Tuesday, February 14
12:10 p.m.
Recreation Center (David E. Herman Room)

Attend this workshop to gain a better understanding of the meaning of mindfulness, identify benefits by practicing mindfulness by viewing research, and have the opportunity to practice mindfulness in a mini meditation session lead by Katie Jostock, a Special Lecturer within the Department of Communication and Journalism. Click here to register!

Workshop: Nutrition and Exercise
Tuesday, February 28
12:10 p.m.
Recreation Center (David E. Herman Room)

Exercise and nutrition have equal roles in relation to fitness and muscle development. If you attend this workshop you will learn that if you deliver the right nutrient mixture to working muscles at the right time: before, during, and after exercises, you will maximize the health benefits from your exercise experience. Click here to register!


For questions or additional information, please contact Stephanie Willis at or call 248-370-4968.