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 The OUPD provides preliminary breath testing (PBT) services 24 hours a day to individuals with a valid court order for testing.  Anyone requesting a PBT must provide a state or government issued identification card and the PBT log issued by a court or probation department.

Cost for each PBT is $5.00.  Only exact cash amounts will be accepted. 

Please Note:  Preliminary breath tests are a low priority police call.  Please allow yourself sufficient time in case an officer is not immediately available when you arrive at the OUPD.

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The OUPD does not provide individuals with copies of criminal records.

If you need to obtain your criminal history record as part of a school or employment application process, please visit the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT).  For a small fee, you can obtain a copy of your criminal history online directly from the Michigan State Police.

Questions regarding the use of ICHAT should be directed to the Michigan State Police.


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The OUPD provides electronic fingerprinting services through the use of an electronic livescan device.

Fingerprint fees (as designated through the online link) are due at the time of the service by cash, check or money order payable to: Oakland University Police.  A valid government issued photo identification card must be presented before fingerprinting.

Schedule fingerprinting with OUPD now. 

Court Ordered

Fingerprints will be provided free of charge with a valid court order instructing you to appear at the OUPD.  We will not provide fingerprints if the order directs you to appear at another law enforcement agency.

ICHAT Challenge

If you wish to challenge an ICHAT record, you may schedule an appointment for fingerprinting at the OUPD.  You will be fingerprinted electronically and a non-criminal fingerprint card (RI-08) will be provided for you to mail back to the Michigan State Police.  There is no fee for this service.

Education Employment

The OUPD fingerprints educational employment applicants in conjunction with OU's Education and Human Services Department.  There is a $75.00 fee for this service and fingerprints will be electronically transmitted on behalf of the applicant.  A valid Livescan Agency Fingerprint Data Entry Form from the school district you are applying to must be provided at the time of fingerprinting.

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