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Keeper of the Dream


Are you a student leader? Have you contributed to breaking down racial and cultural stereotypes? 

Ask yourself:
  1. Am I involved in one of 250 student organizations on campus?
  2. Do I volunteer?
  3. Have I made a difference at OU?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions you may qualify to apply for the Keeper of the Dream Scholarship Award. Apply now. Experience the rewards of making a difference.

Nomination or Self-Nomination Form

The Keeper of the Dream Award, established in January 1993, recognizes Oakland University undergraduate students who contribute to interracial understanding and good will.

Awards range from $2,500 to $5,000 and are available to students who have demonstrated strong citizenship, scholarship and leadership in breaking down cultural stereotypes and in promoting interracial understanding. The awards are presented publicly each year at the annual Keeper of the Dream Celebration.

Scholarship awards will be distributed and divided evenly during the fall and winter terms.

Nominees must possess all of the following attributes:
  • current cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 
  • demonstrated campus involvement
  • record of responsible citizenship
  • enrollment in a minimum of 12 credits each term for fall 2015 and winter 2016 semesters (8 credits each semester for graduate students)
*Resume should highlight your involvement and leadership in working to promote racial understanding and to break down cultural barriers and stereotypes at Oakland University.

*Essay should be 500 words or less and describe how you have made a positive impact on improving interracial understanding within the Oakland University community. Your essay should be clear and concise.


All nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 10, 2014
For additional information, please contact the Center for Multicultural Initiatives. 

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The Keeper of the Dream Award was established in January 1993 to recognize Oakland University students who have contributed to interracial understanding and good will.
  • Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement (a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 at time of application)
  • Have a clear career focus and academic persistence
  • Be returning to Oakland in the fall and winter semester of the following academic year
The Keeper of the Dream Scholarship Awards Celebration honors the legacy of the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and awards up to six scholarships to students that best demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities through their involvement on campus and in the community by breaking down racial and cultural stereotypes and by promoting unity among all people to foster a campus environment rich in diversity and multiculturalism.

It is also an opportunity to publicly recognize students who exemplify Dr. King’s vision, and to award them annual scholarships for their efforts in promoting interracial tolerance and understanding.

A steady increase in corporate contributions has made it possible to increase the initial level of awards from two $1,000 scholarships in 1993 to several $5,000 scholarships. Since its inception, over eighty students from a wide variety of academic majors have been awarded scholarships.

For more information about the award requirements, please contact the Center for Multicultural Initiatives.

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Lee Daniels’ background is filled with stories as bold as the narratives in his films. By the age of 21, Daniels had founded and was running his own health care agency, providing nurses to private homes and hospitals, while simultaneously pursuing a career as a screenwriter. After selling his health care business and giving up screenwriting, he began managing actors. Daniels turned to producing as a natural result of trying to find and create great material for his clients. The leap to directing came soon after.

Daniels directed Precious, which won two Academy Awards in 2010. He also received a historic nomination as the first African-American director to be nominated by the Directors Guild of America. Monster’s Ball was the first film from Daniels’ production company, Lee Daniels Entertainment. The film marked Daniels as the first sole African-American producer of an Oscar-winning and -nominated film.

Daniels’ latest project, The Butler, follows the life of a White House butler who served under eight different U.S. presidents over three decades.

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Lee Daniels - Director

Award Winners:
Raya Hollis
Paul Marvin
Yen Tran
Daniel Lewis
La'Asia Johnson

Daymond John - Shark Tank star and entrepreneur (pictured above)

Award Winners:
Steven Wynne
Charlie Lapastora
Bria Ellis

Presenter: Common

Award Winners:
Ben Eveslage
Subha Hanif
Tara Michener

Presenter: Lou Gossett Jr.

Award Winners:
Emily Tissot
Gerald Son
Rodrina Moore
Aiana Scott

Susan L. Taylor

Award Winners:
Chelsea Grimmer
Juquatta Brewer
Melissa DeGrandis

Danny Glover

Award Winners:
Norris Chase
Lisa Daily
Jasmine Rudolph
Relando Thompkins

Harry Belafonte

Award Winners:
Latonia Garrett
Ronée Harvey
Denise Jones
Avery Neale
Yakela Roberson
Jinae Stoudemire

Ruby Dee

Award Winners:
Sean Buono
Kwame Everett
Matthew Kelly
Aaron Kochenderfer
Brandon Svenson
Tiffanye Teagarden

Former Ambassador Andrew Young

Award Winners:
Nerissa Brown
Margaret DeGrandis
Kirbionne Fletcher
Michael Lerchenfeldt

Coretta Scott King

Award Winners:
Sheila L. Brooks
Andrew W. Gaines
Kathryn M. Miller
Jameelah M. Muhammad
Ashley K. Seal

Daniel G. Mulhern
First Gentleman of Michigan

Award Winners:
Lenny Compton
George Davis III
Joi Durant
James Ellout
Sophia Soldana

Edsel B. Ford
Ford Motor Company

Award Winners:
Crystal D. Allen
Steven D. Townsend
Crystal A. Wilkerson
Sumeera Younis

Martin Luther King III
President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Award Winners:
Ashli C. Bobo
Rhonda R. Hanna
Joi C. Olden
Diana L. Pochmara
Special Recognition:
Erin Liebner

Harold Kutner
Vice-President, Worldwide Purchasing & North American Operations, General Motors Corporation

Award Winners:
Angel D. Guy
David Mackinder
Brian S. Jaye
Kimberly Lavan
Ann R. Lefkowitz

Robert N. Cooper
President, Ameritech Michigan

Award Winners:
Annie O. Chung
Bonefacio F. De La Rosa
LaShanda P. Evans
Kristin J. Kouba
Razzaaq S. McConner
Aniesha K. Mitchell
Tamarcus D. Southward
Mychal C. Thom
Naeam Wilkerson
Ralph E. Williams, II

Dave Bing
Chairman, The Bing Group

Award Winners:
Jerry W. Autry, II
Adrienne D. Carter
Ronald L. Howell, Jr.
Shawn R. McLernon
Shaunda N. Scruggs
Natasha P. Vanover

Robert Eaton
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler Corporation

Award Winners:
Doron M. Elliott
Dedra L. McGlory
Alysia Roberson

William C. Brooks
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, General Motors Corporation

Award Winners:
Delano Davis
Jermaine Evans
Lisa Gregg

Father William T. Cunningham, Executive Director, FOCUS: Hope

Award Winners:
Carla Sabbagh
Tierra Stamps

Denise Langford Morris
Judge, Oakland County Circuit Court

Award Winner:
Bridget Green


Conrad Mallett, Jr.
Associate Justice, Michigan Supreme Court

Award Winners:
Natascha Nunn
Gregory Sharp, Jr.

Dennis Archer, then mayoral candidate, City of Detroit

Award Winners:
Alicia Cunningham-Sampson
Lisa McRipley

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