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Welcome!  In today's globalized world familiarity with the culture, history and languages of different parts of the world is a marketable skill.  Companies and institutions desire graduates who can work with people from other cultural backgrounds whether overseas or in an increasingly multi-cultural United States.  Courses in International Studies are an ideal means to cultivate knowledge and interest about other cultures and peoples.  Explore the world through the course available at Oakland University's International Studies Program.

Drawing on faculty from various disciplines, the College of Arts and Sciences, the International Studies Program offers for general education a variety of interdisciplinary courses that introduce students to the civilizations of seven world areas outside of North America and Western Europe: China, Japan, Africa, India, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  In these course students will explore various aspects of these civilizations: art, government, history, language, literature, music, religion and social organization. 

The ISP also offers major and minor programs that focus on these world areas.  Its major programs include East Asian Studies (China or Japan) and Latin American Studies.  Its minor programs include African and African-American Studies, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Slavic Studies and South Asian Studies.

There are several scholarships available for your field of study.

The ISP is located in 521 Varner Hall.

International Studies Program
Monthly Current Events Forum

Tuesday, January 14, 2014:  Nelson Mandela: His Legacy and Michigan Connection.  Professor Emeritus Vincent Khapoya (Political Science) and Associate Professor Mark Stone (Music, Theater & Dance) will discuss the life of Nelson Mandela.  The discussion will include the anti-apartheid struggle in both South Africa and Michigan, the importance of music in the straddle, and Dr. Khapoya's personal role as a UN election monitor during the 12995 South African elections.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013:    Russia and East Europe. 
A panel composed of Gregory Allar, Mary Samal, Carol Hart and Janusz Wrobel, special lecturers in the International Studies Program will discuss recent current events in Eastern Europe and Russia, including how the mass media in these countries report their internal event and those abroad.  Gold Room C (in the Oakland Center) 12 Noon—1:00 PM

Tuesday, November 12, 2013: Snapshots of China: An overview of recent developments in China. China's environmental crisis, campaign against corruption and the role of social media, efforts to rebalance the economy, and foreign policy initiatives will be explored by Prof. Alan Epstein, Special Instructor in Political Science. Read more . . .



Tuesday, October 8, 2013:   To be or not to be: A Story of an Egyptian Revolution  presented by Prof. Basma El Bathy, Special Lecturer in the International Studies Program. Read more. . .