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Oakland University
Chemistry Seminar Series – Winter 2014

All seminars start at 1:15 p.m. in 372 Science and Engineering Building (map)

January 15

Wen Li, Wayne State University
Strong Field Probe and Control of Chemical Dynamics

January 22
Sanela Martic, Oakland University
Exploring Biomolecular Interactions Towards Biomaterials and Biosensors

January 27
Bayrammurad Saparov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Effects of Annealing, Doping and Substitution on Structures and Properties of ThCr2Si2-type Pnictides

January 29
Honghan Fei, University of California, San Diego
Postsynthetic Exchange of Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Solids

February 3 - starts at 1:30
David Wolstenholme, University of New Brunswick
Homopolar Dihydrogen Bonding: The Missing Link in the Evolution of Hydrogen from Metal Hydrides

February 5
Evan Trivedi, University of Michigan
Heterometallic 3d-4f Metallacrowns: Supramolecular Assembly and Lanthanide Luminescence 
February 12
George Martins, Oakland University
A New Family of Superconductors: BiS2 Compounds 

March 5 
Heinz Plaumann, BASF Corporation
So...Now What? A Primer in Career... and Life Planning

March 12
Linlin Zhao, Central Michigan University
DNA Damage: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biological Relevance

March 19
Sarah Trimpin, Wayne State University
Title To Be Determined

March 26
Ferman Chavez, Oakland University
Modeling the Histidine Triad in Synthetic Bioinorganic Chemistry

April 2
Yirong Mo, Western Michigan University
Computational Approaches to the Elucidation of Chemical Bonding Nature