Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

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Oakland University’s biomedical science degree graduates have a graduate school acceptance rate of almost 100 percent.

Our biomedical science degree makes you an outstanding candidate for medical school, dental school, and other biomedical science graduate degree programs. You’ll get exceptional training that few undergraduate biomedical science degrees offer, ensuring that your graduate-school application shines. In addition to small classes, attentive faculty, and a well-rounded curriculum, our biomedical science degree program lets you get hands-on research experience and develop practical skills for biomedical jobs. You’ll also get superior preparation for the MCATs and other grad-school exams.

Biomedical Science Bachelor’s Degree: The Oakland University Advantage

You’ll enjoy graduate-level opportunities in our undergraduate biomedical science program. Oakland University offers elite academics, unique research opportunities, and results-oriented preparation for medical school, other professional schools, and doctoral programs. Our biomedical science degree stands out for its:

  • Career outcomes. Graduates of our biomedical science program have a grad-school acceptance rate of almost 100 percent. You’ll get an excellent start on your biomedical science career whether you’re planning to become a doctor, dentist, physician’s assistant, research scientist or other biomedical science professional.
  • Advanced hands-on training. In our Human Cadaver Lab — one of just five undergraduate facilities of its kind nationwide— you’ll get training comparable to what first-year medical school students receive. In addition, our Center for Biomedical Research provides unique opportunities to gain experience and mentoring in collaboration with hospitals, laboratories, research facilities, nonprofit health centers and other community institutions.
  • MCAT preparation. Our biomedical science curriculum is closely aligned with the most current MCAT standards and competencies. In addition, graduates of our biomedical science program have a long track record of high MCAT scores. If you’re interested in medical school, our biomedical science degree offers focused, results-oriented preparation.
  • Active, attentive faculty. Our biomedical science faculty are committed to undergraduate education. They’ll generously help you pursue research opportunities, internships, grad-school placements, jobs and other extracurricular opportunities. Most instructors lead successful biomedical science careers in research, private practice or industry, so they bring professional perspectives into the classroom.

Biomedical Science Careers

Oakland University’s biomedical science program offers a pre-professional outlook. You’ll get a purposeful education that connects theory with practice, earning a marketable degree that equips you for a wide range of biomedical science careers.

Our biomedical science degree offers excellent preparation for:

  • Medical school
  • Dental school
  • Veterinary school
  • Physician’s assistant graduate programs
  • Doctoral or master’s programs in biomedical research
  • Pharmacological research and development

Biomedical Science Degree: What You’ll Study

Oakland University’s biomedical science degree draws on multiple disciplines within and outside of the biomedical sciences. In addition to completing a comprehensive series of core biomedical science courses, you’ll earn credits in ethics, psychology, social science and research design.

This interdisciplinary approach stands out on applications to medical school and other biomedical science graduate programs, which often prefer candidates who exhibit well-rounded interests and expertise.

Required courses for the biomedical science degree include:

  • Human anatomy
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Cell biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Statistical methods
  • Ethics
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  • My future career:


  • My future career:

    Medical Scientist

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  • My future career:

    Physician Assistant

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    • Registered Nurse