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icon of a calendarDecember 3, 2020

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Oakland University’s SON courses are led by professional, caring and experienced faculty who are leaders in their specialties.  We invite you to review some of their recent publications, research activities, grants, awards and presentations below.


Ames, A., DePorter, T., Johnson, A., & King, B. (2020, July). An Examination of the Quality of Evidence on Emotional Support Animals. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Vol. 26(4), 410-411.

Berishaj, K., Boyland, C., Reinink, K., & Lynch, V. (2020). The forensic nurse hospitalist: Expanding the role of the forensic nurse in an in-patient setting. The Journal of Emergency Nursing (accepted for publication in the May 2020 issue).

Bulfin, S., Grobbel, C., & Fuller, W. (2020). The use of robotics to complement caring in nursing:  A white paper. International Journal of Human Caring. 

Cameron, P., & Gugala, K. (2020). Virtual Visits in Hospice: Lessons Learned and Directions for the Future (FR441D). Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 59(2), 471.

Cameron, P. (in press) Caregiver Comfort with TeleHospice  Journal of Homecare and Hospice Jan Feb 2021

Davis, R., Poly-Droulard, L;, Grobbel, C. & Mallette, C. (2020 accepted) Social Justice as an Expression of Caring Through Holistic Admissions in a Nursing Program: A Proposed Conceptual Model. Journal: Nursing Forum

Doherty, D., Thompson, K., Loftus, S.C., Riley-Doucet, C., Yao, L, Paul, J. & Fouladbakhsh, J. (2020). An interprofessional education workshop focusing on pain management and prescription opioid abuse.. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice, 20. pp1-5. 

Dunn, K. S., & Robinson-Lane, S.G. (2020). A philosophical analysis of spiritual coping. Advances in Nursing Science, 43(3), 239-250.

Erdman, P., Johnson, A., & Hart, L. (2020). Incorporating a therapy dog into your practice: Some considerations. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin. Vol 8(1). P 93-100. 

Hernandez, J. M. & Munyan, K. (2020). An Integrative Review of the Use of Social Media in Graduate Nursing Education. Accepted by the Michigan Academician 

Kruse, J. A., Didion, J., & Perzynski, K. (2020). (in press). Strengthening Student Nurses’ Sense of Belonging Through Attendance at a Professional Nursing Conference. AORN Journal.

Kruse, J. A., Litten, J., Kujawa, J., Chatman, N., & Didion, J. (2020). (in press). Project REACH: A multi-level, multi-disciplinary approach to improving student outcomes. Journal of Professional Nursing.

Obarzanek, L. &  Munyan, K. (2020) Eating disorder behaviors among transgender individuals: Exploring the literature. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Poly-Droulard, L. (2020). Social Justice as an Expression of Caring Through Holistic Admissions in a Nursing Program: A Proposed Conceptual Model. Nursing Forum. 

Tilley, M. & Spencer, K. (2020). Perceived Barriers to Rapid Response Team Activation Among Nurses. The American Journal of Nursing. 120(7). P 52-60. 

Witt, C. M., Balneaves, L., Carlson, L., Cohen. M., Deng. G., Fouladbakhsh, J.M., Kinney. A. Y., Mehta, A., Mailman, J., Pole, L., Rogge, A.A., O'Toole, C., Zick, S. & Helmer, S. (2020).  Education Competencies for Integrative Oncology—Results of a Systematic Review and an International and Interprofessional Consensus Procedure.   Journal of Cancer Education , Aug 11, 2020. 

Wodwaski, N & Munyan, K. (2020) Self‐care promotion of the intact (non‐circumcised) patient: A review of available recommendations. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing.

Wolfe, Z., Boykin, A., Ray, M., Schoenhofer, S., Grobbel, C., Packard, M. (2020). Caring and technology:  Guidelines and themes. International Journal of Human Caring. 

Yao, L, Kridli, SA, & Darwish-Talab, A (2019). Pilot outcomes of a community-based falls prevention program targeting older Arab Americans. Innovation in Aging, 3(S1): S868.  doi: 10.1093/geroni/igz038.3185.

Research Activities / Grants / Awards

Berishaj, K., Kennedy, M, Gajewski, E. (2020). Education and confidence in providing care to patients who have experienced trauma survey. Reviewed by the Oakland University Institutional Review Board on 02/21/2020. Decision: Exempt status. In data collection.

Eisenhauer, E. (2020) received an Oakland University Research Committee, Faculty Research Fellowship for her proposal entitled “Promoting Informed Choices in Biobanking”

Glover, T.L.,Project Manager. (2020). Using Relationship-Based Care to Strengthen Primary Palliative Care Skills in Nursing Students. American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Faculty Scholars Grant Program. Total: $25,000.

Harris, M. A. Nurse Faculty Loan Program. (2020) Health Resources and Services Administration. Awarded $175,421.

Munyan, K., Kennedy, M. (2020). Inclusive Practices for Student Success. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Oakland University. Accepted $3,000.

Pittiglio, L., Munyan, K., & Vallie, S. (2020). Enhancing Student Nurse Competencies for Working with LGBTQ Identifying Individuals Through Simulation. American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) Faculty Scholars Grant Program. ($25,000). Pending. 

National and International Presentations

Berishaj, K., Boyland, C. M., Reinink, K., & Lynch, V. (2020). Forensic nurse hospitalist: The comprehensive role of the forensic nurse in a hospital setting. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 46(3), 286-293.

Cameron, P. (July 2020).Sigma ThetaTau International Research Conference (virtual) Caregiver Comfort with Telehospice

Dunn, K. S. (2020). Invited to be an expert panelist on “Forgiveness, Wellness,and Religion,” event on February 9th at the University Presbyterian Church in Rochester Hills

Fouladbakhsh, J. M. [USA], Wolf, U. [Switzerland], Ben-Ayre, A. [Israel], Zador, V. [USA]. (Accepted for April 2020; rescheduled Creating an Interprofessional Complementary and Integrative Healthcare Team: Using the Concepts of Anthroposophic Medicine and Holistic Nursing to Enhance Clinical Practice & Outcomes. International Congress for Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Cleveland, OH [3-hour Conference Workshop]

Fouladbakhsh, J.M. (Invited Keynote Sept 2020).  Integrative Oncology: Guidelines for Evidence-based Practice.  1st Integrative Medicine Conference, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.].  Presentation rescheduled to Sept 2021, Goetheneum Center for Anthroposophic Medicine, Basel Switzerland.

Fouladbakhsh, J. M. (Feb 9, 2020). Endocrine & Hormonal System: Ayurveda & Dosha Balancing. Beaumont  School of Yoga Therapy.  V. Zador, Program Director, Royal Oak, Michigan.

Fouladbakhsh, J.M.  (August 8, 2020).  Meditative Movement: v2 and Complementary/Integrative Provider Evaluation.  University of Michigan, Department of Family Medicine,  NIH/NCI-funded Integrative Oncology Scholars Program, Dr. S. Zick, PI, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fouladbakhsh, J.M. (May 21, 2020).  Sexual Health and Energy Medicine. University of Michigan, Department of Family Medicine,  NIH/NCI-funded Integrative Oncology Scholars Program, Dr. S. Zick, PI, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fouladbakhsh,  J.M. (Scheduled for Fall 2020; virtual).  Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Pain Management. Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Health & Wellness Promotion Course, Oakland University. S. Arena, Faculty of Record, Rochester, Michigan.

Grobbel, C., van Wynsberghe, A., Davis, R., & Poly-Droulard, L. (2020, April). Designing Nursing Care Practices Complemented by Robots: Ethical Implications and Application of Caring Frameworks.  Sigma Theta Tau Theta Psi chapter at large Research Day Lightning rounds virtual presentation. AACN Doctoral Conference, Naples, FL. 

Grobbel, C., van Wynsberghe, A., Davis, R., & Poly-Droulard, L. (2020, January). Designing Nursing Care Practices Complemented by Robots: Ethical Implications and Application of Caring Frameworks.  AACN Doctoral Conference, Naples, FL.
Johnson, A. & Barnes, A. (2020, March). Human & Animal Welfare Considerations: Looking at physical and mental health implications of incorporating animals into AAI practice. Therapy Animal Expo. University of North Florida. 

Johnson, A., Stewart, L., & Taylor, C. (2020, September). Using the One Welfare Model for Animal Assisted Interventions. European Branch of the American Counseling Association. Edinburgh, Scotland. Virtual presentation. 

Kennedy, M. (2020, April). Understanding Resilience in the Context of Childhood Adversity. Oral lightning round and poster presentation at the 2020 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Research Day, Virtual.

Mallette, C., Packard, M., Grobbel, C., & Rose, D. (2020, June). Caring science and the robot revolution:  A call to action.  41st Annual IAHC Conference.  Bergen, Norway. (COVID 19 cancelled)

Pavloski, S., & Dunn, K. S. (2020). The effect of scope of practice changes on job satisfaction and workplace stress among advanced practice registered nurses. Virtual poster presentation at Research Day sponsored by the Oakland University, School of Nursing's Theta Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International on April 8th. Awarded 1st place for the Outstanding DNP Project Dean’s Choice Award sponsored by OU Credit Union.

Pittiglio, L.,& Lidtke, J. The Use of Simulation to Enhance LGBTQ Care Competencies of Nursing Students. Poster Abstract submitted for 2020 Nuts and Bolts Conference, to be held August 6th – 8th.

Stone, N. & Grobbel, C., (2020, March).  The language of caring: A qualitative research study.  NLN/STT Research Symposium, Washington, DC. (COVID 19 cancelled)

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