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Product Templates

Product Templates

Student Business Services has created various templates to assist departments with quickly adding new products to MarketPlace.  

How to use MarketPlace Templates:

  1. Download and install HTML editing software such as Aptana (free)
  2. Open Aptana, and choose File>New From Template>HTML>HTML - 4.01 Strict Template (*.html)
  3. View the templates above in web browser to decide which will fit your needs best
  4. When you have decided on a template, with the template open in IE, right click the page and select view source
  5. Copy the entire page of source code and paste it into Aptana, replacing Aptana's default HTML text.
  6. Save the page with a meaningful name.  (If you are creating other products you will likely use your page again as a template.)
  7. Preview the page by using the tab on the bottom left labeled "IE"
  8. Move back to the "Source" tab, and replace the template text with your product text.  Generally, don't get rid of the HTML tags (which are the characters enclosed with the greater-than and less-than symbols), otherwise you may lose some formatting.
  9. Continue to update the text  using the "Source" tab while switching to the "IE" tab to preview the page.  (What you see in the preview is pretty close to what you will see when you paste the code into MarketPlace.)
  10. Log into MarketPlace, navigate to products, select the product for which you have created the description (it's a good idea to create the product in MarketPlace leaving the long description blank first, and then when you have the long description ready, you can edit the product and update the long description).
  11. In Aptana while on the 'Source' tab, highlight all the code BETWEEN the <body> </body> (body tags), and copy your selection
  12. Paste the selection into the MarketPlace long description and save.
For information about making formatting changes to the templates by changing / writing HTML refer to the Oakland University Setup and Standards Guide (Appendix A - C) available for download in the 'Document Downloads' area.