Michigan Assured Admission Pact (MAAP)

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Oakland University is committed to assured admission.

Oakland University harnesses the transformative power of education and research to inspire, challenge and elevate students to maximize their potential amid a diverse and inclusive academic community in Greater Metro Detroit.

Oakland University is a proud participant in the Michigan Assured Admission Pact (MAAP), a cooperative effort among 10 of the state’s public universities. MAAP universities believe that a uniform and widely communicated standard for admission will empower students to realize their full educational potential by reducing the uncertainty and anxiety often associated with the college admissions process. It’s a sure thing!

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The words Michigan Assured Admission Pact above the MAAP acronym.

What is Assured Admission?

As part of MAAP, Oakland University will offer admission to  all Michigan high school graduates who have earned a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale). This applies to students who are applying for admission for the first fall semester following their high school graduation.

Students who complete some or all of their secondary education outside of the United States, or at a secondary school where English is not the primary language for instruction, may be required to demonstrate English proficiency for admission. Applicants must adhere to the regular application deadlines.

Why would I go to Oakland University?

OU ranks at the top among competitors for value, pride, support, success, preparation and location, year after year. Our Golden Grizzlies unlock their potential, capitalize on their talents and achieve academic and professional success on a close-knit campus infused with academics, arts and Division I athletics.

How does OU support my educational goals?

At Oakland University, our 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures personalized instruction and guidance. We’ll support your aspirations  with mentoring programs, flexible schedules, peer tutors, and academic and career counseling. Our admissions advisers will help you design a path that will launch your career and build a life you love.

What programs can I take at OU?

The list of academic options at Oakland University continues to grow and evolve. A public doctoral research institution with more than 270 degree programs, our 130 undergraduate degrees include emerging fields such as cybersecurity and bioengineering and classic degree areas such as business, science, education and the liberal arts.

Is financial aid available?

More than half of OU students receive financial aid to help them cover some or all of their Oakland University tuition. Financial support is available in various forms, including:

  • Scholarships, which are based on academic merit and do not require repayment.
  • Grants, which are based on financial need and do not require repayment.
  • Loans, which are based on financial eligibility and must be repaid after graduation.
  • Work-study jobs and campus employment.
How do I apply?

Applications are open for winter, summer and fall 2024 admission. Our advisers are available to help you with any application questions. Not quite ready to apply? Schedule a visit to see our beautiful Rochester, Michigan campus. You can register for a tour, attend an in-person event or take a virtual tour today.

Who can answer my questions at OU?

Want to discover more about becoming a Golden Grizzly? We’re ready to help! Our team has the  information and resources you need. Talk to your admissions adviser, call (248) 370-3360 or text (248) 712-3361 today with your questions. Or, schedule an appointment at your convenience.


At Oakland University, being golden is putting in the hard work.

It's raising the bar and never settling for less.

It's the tireless hours spent getting your hands dirty.

It’s searching for answers where others aren’t looking.

Rising before the sun, and staying up long after it sets.

It’s stepping into a new world.

It’s in you.

Be golden.