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Human Resources

Wilson Hall, Room 401
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(location map)
(248) 370-3480

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
and by appointment

Human Resources

Wilson Hall, Room 401
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(location map)
(248) 370-3480

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
and by appointment

New Faculty Resources

Faculty Employment

Congratulations on your new position at Oakland University! The campus community welcomes you to our growing team, and wishes you the greatest of success in your professional endeavors here.

As you’ll soon learn, the university offers a diverse, challenging and highly rewarding work environment with a mission-focused perspective. That you were selected to join us from a wide field of candidates seeking employment at Oakland says a great deal about your success to date and your potential to make meaningful contributions to our mission. We look forward to seeing you grow with us.

Faculty New Hire

If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of the content or documents on this page, please view our Public Accessibility Statement.

Required Paperwork

Please print, complete, and send to your school/college Dean’s Office.

General Terms - Please print, complete the relevant form, and send to your school/college Dean’s Office.

Faculty Onboarding Process

You MUST complete:

  • Complete new faculty paperwork (including signed offer letter) and send (manually or electronically) to your school/college Dean’s Office. You will need your social security number to complete new hire paperwork.
  • Identification and employment eligibility documents - (Please see page 2 of the I-9 document for acceptable types of identification)
  • Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • I-9 must be completed in Human Resources in person
  • To schedule your appointment to complete the I-9, click on this calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Lloyd via email at [email protected] or call (248) 370-3486.
  • After you have completed your I-9, you will receive communication from your hiring unit that you are in the system and able to set up your email and password. Set up NetID/Oakland Email using these instructions: NetID/Oakland Email Set Up Instructions and Update Directory.

Background Checks

  1. All prospective new FT (including research faculty, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty and faculty search waivers) and PT faculty (lecturers and special lecturers) hires must have a background check, and includes terminated part-time faculty who are rehired (usually after 18 months without an appointment). Returning active FT hires (e.g. visitor) or PT (e.g. special lecturers and lecturers) will not need a background check.

  2. This background check process is for prospective new hires only, as described above. Background checks for faculty hosting programs and events offered by or at Oakland University that have participating youth are performed pursuant to administrative policy #630, entitled “Youth Program Protection Policy”.

  3. When a finalist is identified and/or a verbal offer extended, the Dean’s office will notify the candidate and advise them that a background check will be conducted. The final offer will be contingent on an outcome that is acceptable to the university.

  4. In cases where timing is a critical factor to secure a candidate or meet a class schedule, a written offer contingent on completion of the criminal background check acceptable to the university can be made. This should occur rarely.

  5. The Dean’s office will submit the finalist’s name, email and department (if applicable) to the 3rd Party background check provider (currently HireRight).

  6. HireRight will email each finalist a link and instructions for the finalist/candidate to provide information authorizing HireRight to initiate the background check.

  7. The Dean’s office monitors pending background checks through HireRight and will be notified when the check is completed with “no discrepancy” or a “discrepancy”. Discrepancy means that there is an issue with the record, which could mean an applicant has committed an offense or could be some innocuous reason such as a non-valid SSN.

  8. When the background check is concluded and there are no discrepancies identified, the Dean’s Office makes a written offer to the finalist/candidate, (unless the written offer was made pursuant to Item 4).

  9. If the Dean’s Office is notified by HireRight that there is a discrepancy, the Dean’s office will refer the matter to the OUPD Youth Protection/Clery Compliance Coordinator at [email protected] for review. That office investigates the discrepancies. Then Human Resources, OUPD, and the Legal Office in consultation with the Dean’s office determines whether the academic unit can make an offer, or rescind a contingent offer.

  10. If the Dean’s Office knows that another academic unit is also hiring the faculty member being hired, the Dean’s Office can contact Human Resources or the Youth Protection/Clery Compliance Coordinator to determine if a background check has already been completed.

  11. Costs for the criminal background check are charged to a central Academic Affairs account.
Part-Time Employment

Part-time Faculty (Lecturer) Employment Process:

Generally, full-time faculty have preference for teaching assignments at the university.

Part-time faculty (lecturers) are hired on a semester by semester basis to supplement the work performed by full-time faculty. The hiring process is decentralized and conducted by the department chair, the program coordinator or director, or other academic unit. Employment procedures may vary slightly, but the fundamental process is described below.

People interested in employment as a lecturer should contact the department chair, program director or dean's office to discuss opportunities. Click on the Department Chair List tab for a current listing. Generally a Ph.D., a terminal degree or a Master’s degree is required but the qualifications vary depending on the discipline or course to be taught.

When there is a need for a lecturer for a particular course(s), the academic unit will consider lecturers who have taught in past semesters as well as resumes it has received and contact likely candidates for more information about their qualifications and availability. Criteria to be considered include amount, relevance and quality of the applicant’s educational background, teaching experience and related skills, and availability to teach the course. All candidates will be evaluated based on these criteria. Some academic units may go through a more extensive screening process, including an interview and teaching presentation. The department or academic unit will then offer the course to the best qualified individual who is available to teach the class.

HR will periodically post for lecturer positions on its job website. In addition, HR will post a description of this process, the contact information for department chairs, and related information. Oakland University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and minorities to apply.

Faculty I-9
International Academic Information

Academic Employment Visa Sponsorship/Oakland University

Oakland University will, upon approval by the appropriate Dean and the Provost (or their designees), sponsor academic individuals for employment.  Some work authorization examples are (but not limited to):

Processed by International Students and Scholars (ISSO):

  • F1 visas - Part-time faculty, visiting faculty, and postdoctoral employees (fees paid by applicant*)
  • J1 visas - Part-time faculty, visiting faculty, and postdoctoral employees (fees paid by applicant*)

Processed or Supported by the Legal Affairs Office:

  • TN visas – Part-time faculty, visiting faculty, and postdoctoral employees (fees paid by applicant*)
  • H1B visas - All academic employment types, but strongly encourage full utilization of J1 visas where applicable.  Note that any and all fees for this visa type will be paid by the Department in which the eligible employee works*.
  • Permanent Residency - Academic Administrators, Deans and Full-Time Non-Visiting Faculty Members only, using the following processes:

EB-2: Advanced Degree Professional Category –

  1. The Office of Legal Affairs will prepare and file an ETA Form 9089 “Application for Permanent Employment Certification” (PERM) petition.
  2. If the PERM is approved, the Office of Legal Affairs will prepare and file a Form I-140 “Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker” (I-140) and the eligible employee will pay any required fees.  If premium processing is requested, the premium processing fee will be paid as follows: (i) by the eligible employee if he or she requested premium processing; and (ii) by the Department in which the eligible employee works if the Department requested the premium processing*.
  3. If the PERM and the I-140 are both approved, the eligible employee, or an attorney/representative hired by the eligible employee, will prepare and file his or her own Form I-485 “Application to Register for Permanent Residence or Adjust Status” and pay all required fees*.

All other immigrant categories (including EB-1A: Alien of Extraordinary Ability or EB-1B: Outstanding Professor or Researcher) –

  1. The eligible employee, or an attorney/representative hired by the eligible employee, will prepare and file all required forms (including without limitation the I-140 and the I-485) and pay all required fees*.
  2. The Office of Legal Affairs will answer general procedural questions for the eligible employee, and will sign the petition if the University is designated as the sponsor, but the Office of Legal Affairs and the University will not: (i) prepare or file any forms for the eligible employee; (ii) represent or provide legal advice to the eligible employee; or (iii) pay any required fees for the eligible employee.

NOTE: Some visa types require the Department to pay the cost of airfare to the employee’s country of origin if employment is terminated prior to the end of the visa end date.  Please check with HR in the event this needs to occur.

Any questions regarding specific academic employment visa types and University support should be forwarded to (248) 370-2196, [email protected]

*Questions regarding employment visa processing fees should be directed to either ISSO: (248) 370-3358, or the Legal Affairs Office: (248) 370-3110.

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