About BERG

The purpose of the organization shall be to serve, promote and support the recruitment, retention, professional, service, and social interests of Oakland University Black faculty and staff.

Core Values and Vision Statement

Six core values guide and govern our actions. These values define what we stand for.

  1. Access to university resources
  2. Promote and support employees
  3. Mentoring
  4. Self-discovery
  5. Outreach and Community engagement
  6. Diversity and Inclusion

Vision Statement

Building a legacy that promotes opportunities and fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Executive Committee Members

President - Jessie Hurse

Associate Dean of Students
Student Affairs and Diversity

Vice President - William Daniels
Senior Academic Adviser
School of Health Sciences

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Brittany Thomas
Senior Recruitment Adviser
Undergraduate Admissions

Sergeant-at-Arms - Theawiana Bracewell
Events Manager
Office of the Provost

Sponsor - Glenn McIntosh
Vice President for Student Affairs,
Student Affairs and Diversity

Member-at-Large - Destin Eddington
Academic Adviser
School of Business Administration

Member-at-Large - Vacant