Year-in-review: OUWB top stories in 2023 included student successes, new interim dean, and Taylor Swift
An image of a student during OUWB Match Day 2023
Stephanie Mrowczynski, M.D., OUWB '23, celebrates the moment she found out she matched at Tulane University School of Medicine.


It was a favorite word of inspiration often used by Duane Mezwa, M.D., retired dean, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.

And as 2023 draws to a close, it’s exactly what many have in mind as they look to 2024.

But, while many look ahead, there are also reasons to use this time of year for reflection and that makes it natural to look back at OUWB’s top stories of the year.

Here are the stories, in order of most read (according to Google Analytics), with links to the full stories also provided:

‘Rush of excitement:’ OUWB Class of 2023 celebrates 100% success rate on Match Day

OUWB’s Match Day celebration was held March 17 — in-person for the first time since 2019 — as 100% of the Class of 2023 learned where they will be doctors for the first time in their lives.

Members of the OUWB graduating class were among nearly 43,000 of their peers across the U.S. in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), the annual event that reveals where most graduating medical students have been accepted for residency training.

“I commend all of you for the hard work, dedication, and determination that brought you to today,” Mezwa told the audience.

“Think about how far you have come — and be proud,” he said. “Pat yourself on the back for following your dreams. You’re entering the most exciting time of your lives.”

Third-year medical student from OUWB helps save man’s life at local gym

A headshot of Ryan Ko


A third-year medical student from OUWB was credited with helping save a man’s life at a local gym.

Ryan Ko, M3, jumped into action on April 7 at a Planet Fitness in Southfield.

Ko said he tapped CPR skills learned at OUWB and had recently revisited during a clerkship at Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital in Royal Oak.

His actions allowed enough time for paramedics to arrive and transport the man to the hospital, where he was able to recover.

Ko remained humble about what he did, chalking it up to simply doing what he’s trained to do.

Carpenter named interim dean of OUWB

An image of Chris Carpenter


On Aug. 24, Oakland University announced that Christopher F. Carpenter, M.D., was appointed Stephan Sharf Interim Dean of Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. The dean also serves as OUWB Chief Academic Officer for Corewell Health.

The appointment was effective Sept. 5.

“Dr. Carpenter will provide steady, prudent guidance during the search for a full-time dean of the School of Medicine," said Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D. "He's a proven leader with acclaimed expertise and an impressive academic background. His integrity, compassion and record of mentoring medical students are traits at the heart of OUWB's values."

Perfect! OUWB maintains 100% success rate in urology with 2023 early match

An image of Shivam Patel hugging someone at the Match Day event

Shivam Patel, M.D., matched early in urology. He also celebrated at the March 17, 2023, Match Day celebration held on the campus of Oakland University.

In February, OUWB maintained its match rate of 100% in urology after three students from the Class of 2023 successfully matched in the field.

The three students — Andrew Shanholtzer, M.D., Brent Yelton, M.D., and Shivam Patel, M.D. — were among six from the class of graduates to match early.

(Three other students also matched early via the military: Benjamin Collaer, M.D., Brianna Walter, M.D., and Adam Wahl, M.D.)

Early matches apply to specialties not affiliated with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), which annually holds its Match Day the third Friday in March.

The three urologists from the Class of 2023 joined 22 OUWB alumni who have matched in the specialty since 2015, and have established OUWB as a top feeder school in the field.

Six OUWB students recognized as outstanding for 2022-23

Six medical students at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine received the Outstanding Student Award for the 2022-23 school year.

Three M2s and three M3s received the recognition. There were a total number of 17 candidates for the rising M2 year and 10 candidates for the rising M3 year.

M2 students that were named “outstanding” were Forrest Bohler, Deepali Tailor, and Ethan Dimock.

M3 recipients of the award are Garrett Peters, Suhani Gupta, and Madison Saunders.

‘Suddenly, I couldn’t walk’: OUWB medical student shares story to raise awareness of rare disease

“I was apprehensive about sharing my story because it’s so personal, and bringing a stigma upon yourself is hard,” said Jessica Cummings, M2, OUWB. “But I want to bring awareness to a rare disease and what patients with rare diseases experience.”

That’s exactly what she did when she talked openly about her experiences with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), which is also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

It’s a condition that is rare, and not very well understood. It isn’t genetic. It’s believed to be the result of a dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous system. In short, the abnormal functioning results in an overreaction to pain signals that the nervous system can’t shut off.

As Cummings described it, the condition can make a feather against one’s skin “feel like a blowtorch.”

‘Day I’ve been dreaming of:’ White Coat Ceremony held for OUWB Class of 2027

An image of an OUWB student receiving her white coat

Alyssa Cadez-Martin receives her white coat from Barbara Herzig, M.D., a psychiatrist serving as a Prism mentor for some members of the OUWB Class of 2027.

OUWB’s 13th class celebrated its White Coat Ceremony on Aug. 4 as members of the Class of 2027 took a huge leap toward becoming doctors.

About 750 people attended the event in person, with another 250 viewing the livestream.

“In the months ahead, your world will be changing quickly and you will amaze yourself at how you put into practice the new techniques that you’ve learned,” said Mezwa in a video played at the ceremony.

OUWB community members are seeing Taylor Swift for free — and to benefit others

Taylor Swift fever swept through southeast Michigan when the pop singer brought The Eras Tour to Detroit in June, and OUWB wasn’t immune.

That’s because more than 150 OUWB students, faculty, and staff volunteered to go to the concerts, and for the benefit of the community.

OUWB has a partnership with Security, Athletic Facilities & Events (SAFE) Management, which provides guest services, event security, and crowd management at Ford Field. 

Through the partnership, said Trixy Hall, coordinator, Graduate Programs and Community Outreach, SAFE will reach out to OUWB when volunteers are needed at events to help with tasks such as helping guests find their seats. Previously through the partnership, OUWB community members have volunteered at Detroit Lions games.

In return, OUWB receives payment for each volunteer. The money is used to benefit the community and used to purchase items such as diapers and baby wipes for Care House of Oakland County.

Sixteen OUWB medical students inducted into Gold Humanism Honor Society

An image of the Gold Humanism inductees

Sixteen OUWB students were inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society at the 9th Annual Faircloth Evening of Medical Humanism on March 13, 2023.

A celebration of a shared commitment to humanism and service to others was held March 15 — an event that culminated with 16 OUWB students inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. 

The 9th Annual Faircloth Evening of Medical Humanism was attended by more than 100, both in-person on the campus of Oakland University and online.

The event is co-sponsored by OUWB and Oakland University School of Education and Human Services and includes induction of OUWB medical students into the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS), presentation of awards to students from the Department of Counseling, and recognition of recipients of the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award.

‘Best four-and-a-half years of my career:’ Mezwa retires as dean of OUWB

When Duane Mezwa, M.D., annually welcomed OUWB’s matriculating class, he used his own professional journey to make a point — the field of medicine affords almost endless possibilities. 

It’s how, said Mezwa, he built an impressive career that includes, among other things, becoming a renowned radiologist, leading one of the largest radiology departments in the U.S., and eventually being named second dean of OUWB.

He began the next chapter of his story on Sept. 4 when he retired.

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