Foundations for Success

Foundations for Success

OUWB 2022-25 Strategic Plan

Finalized in February, 2022, the 2022-25 strategic plan is a comprehensive, targeted, and forward-thinking document aimed at driving OUWB to heightened success through 2025 and beyond.

We take great pride in the work outlined in this plan and the school’s commitment to the implementation of our strategic initiatives.

Foundations for Success

Our Foundations for Success define our purpose, what we aspire to be, and the core principles that guide the work that we do.  Our values are more than just words — they embody our culture, define our behavior, and provide a compass for the decisions that we make. 


To develop compassionate physicians who are dedicated to improving the health of their communities, collaboration, and lifelong learning. 


To be a leader in medical education strengthened by an innovative curriculum, commitment to diversity and inclusion, dedication to community engagement, and advancing research.


We are dedicated to collaboration and mutual respect that fosters the unique talents of our students, staff, and faculty.


We are a school that cares about our communities by having a safe and secure environment that treats everyone with respect, sensitivity, dignity, and decency in all our endeavors.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We are committed to cultivating and nurturing an inclusive environment that values and respects a diverse and equitable community of students, staff, and faculty.


We strive for excellence through an empathetic, humanistic, and altruistic approach to medical education and patient care.  


We value integrity and ethical conduct when engaging with our students, patients, faculty, staff and the community we serve. 

Plan Development

The development of OUWB’s 2022-25 strategic plan was a tremendous school-wide effort engaging stakeholders across OUWB, Oakland University, Beaumont, as well as our community partners, alumni, and OUWB parents.  

Data collection consisted of 1) Two stakeholder input surveys deployed in Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, 2) An external market analysis assessing health care and medical education across the country and within the state of Michigan, and 3) A benchmark analysis comparing OUWB with specified peer institutions.

2022-25 Task Force Members
  • Dwayne Baxa, Ph.D.
  • Berkley Browne, Ph.D.
  • Barbara Ducatman, M.D.
  • Ryan Fringer, M.D.
  • Trixy Hall, M.Ed.
  • Jeremy Jones, M.Ed.
  • Pradeep Kaminoulu, M.D.
  • Richard Kennedy, Ph.D.
  • Joshua Merchant, Ph.D.
  • Misa Mi, Ph.D.
  • Kristin Landis-Piwowar, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca Pratt, Ph.D.
  • Robin Rivest, M.Ed., MBA
  • Amy Smark, M.D.
  • George Wilson, Ph.D.

To provide feedback, please contact Erin Shirey, MPA, Senior Planning Analyst, at [email protected].