NBME Retest Policy for Technical Issues

Authorizing Body:             Curriculum Committee

Author:                               Office of Medical Education

Date Issued:                       May 26, 2021

Last Update:                       

Scope and Applicability:

This policy specifically applies to NBME exams administered within the M3 and M4 years of the Curriculum.


To provide a standardized process of review and approval of retesting in situations when technical issues arise during a NBME exam.


Students who experience a significant technical disruption during their NBME exam will be provided the opportunity for a retest under the following conditions

  1. Students notify the exam proctor/clerkship coordinator at the time of the issue or within 1 hour of completion of the exam.
  2. The results of the initial test will be invalidated and will not be used to calculate the final clerkship grade.
  3. Retesting will occur as soon as possible so long as it does not interfere with other mandatory curricular/clinical responsibility (ex. IDS/assembly day)


“Significant technical disruption” is defined as an interruption or delay in testing that lasts
greater than 10 minutes

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