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MBA fuels career change for William Vultaggio

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With his MBA in hand, William Vultaggio leveraged the power of his Oakland University family to fuel a successful career change. (Photo credit: Rob Hall)

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icon of a calendarMarch 11, 2021

icon of a pencilBy Rene Wisely

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Opportunity is everywhere, double Oakland University business alumnus William Vultaggio, HRM ’16/MBA ’19, reminds himself, even at home. As an alumnus, Vultaggio leveraged the power of the university he calls home to fuel his career change.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Vultaggio landed a full-time position at Centene Corporation (formerly Meridian Health, then WellCare Health Plans Inc.), a multi-national company providing healthcare services to members across 50 states. In his five years there, he rose from benefit coordinator to inside sales supervisor while completing his MBA at OU.

With his MBA in hand, Vultaggio began preparations to relaunch his career in a new industry. Following the advice of a friend, he turned to the dedicated Career Services team at the OU Business School, a service available to OU students and alumni. By tapping into OU’s deep network, he discovered connections to multiple organizations with opportunities in new fields.

“I approached Career Services to make sure I would utilize every single opportunity available to me, because I felt I would be selling myself short if I didn’t,” Vultaggio says.

It was a game changer. He successfully leveraged his education and healthcare experience into a full-time position in the automotive industry. He is now an auditor in FCA’s prestigious Corporate Leadership Development Program.

Career Services Connections

To make it happen, Vultaggio connected with Ian Caullay, director, employer relations, OU Business Career Services.

The Career Services team in the business school, led by Caullay, prides itself on being the conduit between business graduates and career opportunities. To get started, Caullay led Vultaggio through coaching sessions that included career interest assessments and career satisfaction discussions. That led to Vultaggio retooling his resume to highlight how his experience, education and skills could be leveraged beyond the healthcare industry.

He also networked with fellow MBA classmate Leah Slazinski (FIN ’16, MBA ’20), who works in FCA’s Corporate Leadership Development Program. Slazinski introduced Vultaggio to her employers at FCA, knowing the company would benefit from his combination of skills, interest and experience. Caullay then strengthened the connection by reaching out to the decision makers on the FCA team.

That’s the networking that led Vultaggio to his new career.

“While I might have been hired on my own, Ian’s relationship with FCA made sure my resume stood out,” says Vultaggio. “The relationships the OU Business School and Ian have with industries and employers is amazing.”

Connecting talent to opportunity drives the OU Business School Career Services team. Making those during the pandemic when many employers are not hiring presents challenges, but the relationship the Career Services team has built over the years continues to benefit Oakland business students and graduates.

“We try to be ‘hyper connectors’ for employers and students,” Caullay says. “I’m glad the warm introductions helped Will and FCA.”

Once Vultaggio accepted the FCA offer, Caullay was the third person he contacted after his parents and fiancée. “Ian was such an instrumental part of my job search, I couldn’t wait to share the news with him,” says Vultaggio.

While the Career Services team provided stellar support to relaunching his career, Vultaggio notes, the education he gained through his OU MBA and undergraduate programs created a solid foundation for success, calling special attention to the insight he gained from Janell Townsend, Ph.D., marketing and management department chair and professor of marketing.

With the support and encouragement he received throughout his college career, Vultaggio considers Oakland University his second home, and the members of the School of Business his second family.

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