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Fall 2020 greeted OU’s electrical engineering students with a new opportunity – Brian Bradley Memorial Scholarship

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icon of a calendarDecember 10, 2020

icon of a pencilBy Arina Bokas

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Fall 2020 greeted OU’s electrical engineering students with a new opportunity — the Brian Bradley Memorial Scholarship. A charitable contribution to the university was received in March of 2020 from Brian S. Bradley Trust of Bailey, CO, which allowed it to establish an annual $1,200 scholarship starting this fall.

Brian Bradley, BSE ’74, passed away at the end of 2019, leaving his alma mater funds to support scholarships for students who are close to completion of their electrical engineering undergraduate degree within the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The scholarship is to be awarded to an in-state senior student with a declared major in electrical engineering, who maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrates financial need.

“Brain felt strongly about the purpose, work and integrity of Oakland University. He felt deeply connected to OU's causes from his personal life experiences,” states the official scholarship endowment.

After graduating from Oakland University, Brian worked for Boeing Aerospace, Slumber Jay, and finally, for the Federal Government in mapping for the U.S. Geological Survey. He retired in 2007, but passed away 12 years later after a five-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Philanthropic and university pride are two words that describe Brian Bradley,” says Anthonie Burke, SECS director of philanthropy. “His experience at OU made a lasting impact on his life; he understood that his education gave him a blueprint for a successful career and chose to pay it forward by giving this opportunity to someone else. His transformational gift will provide financial relief for students so that they can focus on their studies and one day make a difference in our world.”

Brian’s gift, as any donation to a university, serves the larger purpose of reinforcing the university's ability to furnish new programs and support both educational and technological advancements. It helps deliver excellence to its students and the community.

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