Letter from the Dean

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Dean Louay Chamra

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I am pleased to introduce the latest edition of the Oakland Engineer — the School of Engineering and Computer Science's showcase of innovation, research, and academic excellence.

This issue is a testament to the vibrant and forward-thinking community at our school, where the future of engineering and technology is envisioned and actively crafted by our students, faculty, and alumni.

Within these pages, you will find an array of articles that exemplify our commitment to advancing the field of engineering and computer science. From the inspiring story of the Electric Racing Association (ERA) to the groundbreaking research in ultrasound technology for disease screening, each piece provides insight into the trailblazing endeavors taking place at our school.

Our cover story, Racing to the Future, highlights the impactful hands-on experiences students gain at SECS. This initiative is not only about building cars; it's about preparing the next generation of engineers for a rapidly evolving industry.

In At the Cutting Edge, we delve into the intersection of engineering and medicine, exploring how machine learning and AI are revolutionizing medical imaging and patient care. These advancements are not just theoretical—they are real-world applications that promise to enhance the quality of life for millions.

The magazine honors the contributions of our new faculty, such as Dr. Alycen Wiacek's innovative work in acoustic-based screening methods and Dr. Marco Gerini-Romagnoli’s investigation of reversible adhesives.

Our commitment to community and education extends beyond our research labs. In Reaching Out, we spotlight our outreach programs that engage K-12 students in STEM and foster love for science and engineering among the youth.

I invite you to peruse the Oakland Engineer and share in the excitement of our accomplishments. I believe that our work resonates with the broader engineering and computer science community and serves as a beacon of inspiration and innovation.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University. We look forward to your feedback and the continued exchange of ideas that drives our collective progress.

Louay M. Chamra, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science

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