Wellness Program

The OUWB Student Affairs staff provides well-being coaching through a motivational counseling model to all medical students throughout their four years of medical school. Our wellness model is comprised of eight spokes of focus: physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, emotional, financial, and environmental wellness. Upon entry, all M1 students are assigned to a well-being coach and asked to complete a basic wellness self-assessment. With guidance from their coach, each student creates a well-being plan with short- and long-term goals that can be reviewed and adjusted at any time.

Please join the Wellness and Well-being portal on MedSync for information about wellness-related programs, events and speakers.

OUWB Connect Program

What is OUWB Connect?
OUWB Connect is a social group created specifically for significant others of OUWB students.

Mission: To provide a safe and dependable environment that encourages social support, networking and activities for significant others of OUWB students.

A group of OUWB students and their significant others pose with their bowling balls at the bowling alley.

Activities: OUWB Connect has hosted many events, some of which include dinners, potlucks, & picnics. OUWB Connect has also participated in community service by adopting a family and is continuing to find ways to give back to the community!

For information about upcoming events, contact Katy Torma katorma@oakland.edu.