Accolades for Academic Excellence

Visit Honors Convocation where there is a complete list of award winners.

More than 20 students from the Class of 2016 attended their final awards ceremony a day before commencement at Honors Convocation held in the Banquet Rooms of the Oakland Center. At this gathering, they received accolades for attaining outstanding levels of academic excellence during their third-and fourth-year clerkships, and for their Capstone competitive scholarship research. The program included for the first time this year, the Pathology Honor Society Award. James David and Satyum Parikh were the first recipients of this award.

Additionally, several students received awards of distinction, including the Diversity & Inclusion Student Excellence Award that was presented by Jason Wasserman, Ph.D., assistant professor, to Fatima Fahs, and the Christina J. Grabowski Outstanding Admissions Ambassador Award presented to Andrew Koo, who volunteered more than 100 hours of his time as an ambassador.

“He deserves this award for his clear dedication to supporting the admissions team and his positive and professional attitude,” said Christina Grabowski, Ph.D., assistant dean for Medical Student Admissions.