Faculty members sit in a classroom watching a presentation during a CEME event.

Center for Excellence in Medical Education

Faculty Affairs and the Center for Excellence in Medical Education are committed to creating a culture of well-being that supports an environment which encourages faculty members to flourish and achieve their career goals, full professional potential and teaching excellence.

The Center for Excellence in Medical Education offers a variety of faculty development programs,  online webinars and well-being opportunities. View a full calendar of opportunities.

Faculty Development Signature Programs

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) certificate program is a year-long, cohort-based, nation-wide educational leadership development program administered through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  An institution-sponsored program (ISP) model of LEAD will be offered at OUWB for the 2020 calendar year (January – December). Up to 16 Fellows will be accepted into LEAD 2020 at OUWB.

Opportunities and Expectations:  The LEAD program fosters practical knowledge drawn from the best recognized theoretical models and best practices of effective leadership that are relevant to medical education organizations and processes.  Participation is mandatory for all elements of the LEAD program and curriculum.  Upon successful completion of the LEAD program, graduates will receive an AAMC LEAD Certificate of Recognition.  

Eligibility:  All OUWB faculty and administrative professional staff are eligible to apply.

Call for Fellow Applications 

Applications must be received no later than 4:00 pm, Friday, October 18, 2019.

Acceptance notifications will be distributed no later than Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Apply Now 

For any questions that arise, please contact Ann Voorheis-Sargent (voorheissargent@oakland.edu). 

LEAD Information Packet  

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Fellowship in Medical Education

The Fellowship in Medical Education program is a research program designed to support the research initiatives and  ideas of our faculty. Many OUWB faculty begin their work at OUWB with experience in bench research, but not medical education research. This program reviews qualitative and quantitative research methods. Through the Fellowship in Medical Education, participants have the opportunity to attend Medical Education Research (MERC) sessions offered through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and upon meeting their completion requirements, an opportunity to obtain a Medical Education Research certificate. Through the application process, fellows are selected. CEME then supports the fellows in their research initiative. In addition to receiving support, the fellows have an opportunity to present their work during Medical Education Week.

For more information about this program, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

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Medical Education Certificate Program

Introduces clinicians and scientists to both the theory and practice of medical education. A range of issues are covered, from the practicalities of running classes to the underlying theories that inform and guide what we do in the classroom. 

For more information about this program, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

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Residents as Teachers Program

Provides residents exposure to medical teaching concepts and gives them an opportunity to improve their teaching skills through role-play and other activities. Residents attending 100 percent of the sessions obtain an Advanced Training in Medical Education certificate. Two parts of the program include the Stanford curriculum taught by Beaumont physicians and an interactive plenary series.

For more information about this program, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

Register now for the 2019-2020 Resident as Teachers Program.

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Clinical Education Leadership Series

Medical education has dramatically transformed in the past decade, informed by advances in learning sciences and competency-based medical education. As a result, those who lead our educational programs now require more advanced skills and understanding of how to put educational theory into practice. This certification series is designed for OUWB faculty who serve in education leadership roles.

For more information about this program, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

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Clinical Teaching Program

In acknowledgement of the importance of clinical teaching, these seminars are designed for any faculty member who teaches medical students. Following the module of the Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers, this program consists of didactic presentations, group discussions, role-play exercises, and personal and institutional goal setting. The faculty who have completed this program have raved about their successful implementation of a “non-prescriptive behavioral approach for improving teaching.” The eight faculty members who attended the one-month program at Stanford School of Medicine and received training are certified to offer this highly regarded and effective teaching program to OUWB faculty.

For more information about this program, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

Complete an application of interest for the Clinical Teaching Program.

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Opportunities and Resources

Calendar of Faculty Development Opportunities

For a full calendar of CEME faculty development events, click here.

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Faculty Development Resources

Bioethics Education Resources (BEdR): Webinar Series

For presentation PDFs and handouts, please contact ceme@oakland.edu.

Webinar 1: Getting Started in Bioethics Education Research - Watch the recording

Webinar 2: Methods in Bioethics Education Research - Watch the recording

Webinar 3: Publishing in Bioethics Education Research - Watch the recording

Webinar 4: Securing Funding for Bioethics Education Research - Watch the recording

Webinar 5: Collaboration in Bioethics Education Research - Watch the recording

Diversity Resources

Institute for Diversity and Health Equity Webinar (11/2018) - Religious Diversity in Health Care: Improving Safety and Quality of Care for Patients

Peer Coaching Resources

Peer Coaching Tip #1: What is Peer Coaching?

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Well-Being Opportunities and Resources
Dimensions of Well-Being

The National Wellness Institute (NWI), recognizes six dimensions:

  • Emotional: This dimension is focused on the awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings and emotional response.
  • Intellectual: This dimension is concerned with continuous intellectual stimulation and growth.
  • Occupational: This dimension is focused on the fulfillment and satisfaction one receives through their work.
  • Physical: This dimension is concerned with one’s physical health and the need for regular and sustained physical activity.
  • Social: This dimension is focused on one’s connection to others through their environment and community.
  • Spiritual: This dimension is concerned with one’s connection with their beliefs and values that provide a sense of meaning and purpose to one’s life.

Additional information on these six dimensions is available on NWI’s website

Well-being Opportunities

Oakland University Recreation and Well-Being offers a variety or workshops focused on the six dimensions of well-being. These workshops are open to any OUWB faculty or staff members who would like to participate.

Bwell, Beaumont Health’s employee wellness program provides a variety of offerings and resources exclusively available to Beaumont employees. These offerings include mindfulness programs, healthy lifestyle coaching, employee energizer sessions, and currently, an activity tracker subsidy program.

Well-being Resources

AAMC – Creating a Culture of Wellbeing and Resilience in Academic Medicine

AMA Professional Well-Being Module – Preventing Physician Distress and Suicide

AMA Professional Well-Being Module – Physician Wellness: Preventing Resident and Fellow Burnout

AMA Professional Well-Being Module – Improving Physician Resiliency

AMA Professional Well-Being Module – Preventing Physician Burnout

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