Holistic Review

What is holistic review?

Holistic review is the examination of a student's full application file to determine how the applicant might contribute to the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine learning environment as well as to the medical profession as a future physician. It is a mission-driven approach giving balanced consideration to academic credentials, student experiences and attributes. OUWB  follows the AAMC Holistic Review Project EAM model of evaluating Experiences, Attributes, and Metrics to determine an applicant's "fit" to our mission, vision and goals. 

Are grades and test scores important in a holistic review?

Absolutely. To be successful in medical school, students must be academically prepared. Grades and test scores are important predictors of future academic and testing performance. Academic metrics do not, however, measure all the skills and abilities needed to be a successful student or physician. By utilizing a holistic review process, we evaluate academic metrics along with experiences and attributes to assess potential for academic and clinical achievement. 

What experiences, attributes and metrics are important for holistic review?
The OUWB School of Medicine seeks to admit students with the potential to become competent and caring physicians with a passion for learning and a commitment to serving others. Here are some examples of experiences, attributes, and metrics we like to see from our applicants:  

  • Evidence of academic preparation for a rigorous medical school curriculum
  • Dedication to serving others
  • Ability to work in teams toward a shared goal or mission
  • Excellence in an activity that shows commitment, drive, and passion
  • Competence for delivering quality care in a global society
  • Understanding of the medical field and what it takes to be a physician