Headshot of Randal WestrickRandal J. Westrick, Ph.D.
Member, OUWB Eye Research Center

Westrick’s scientific career began as an undergraduate at Michigan State University studying pathological conditions where blood clotting (thrombosis) was a main contributor to disease progression. He then moved to the University of Michigan to work as a research technician in the laboratory of David Ginsburg, M.D., where he eventually also earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees. During his time there, he performed studies on the pathophysiology and genetics of thrombosis and hemostasis.

Since being recruited to Oakland University in 2013, Westrick has continued to focus his research on thrombosis and vascular biology, using mouse models to identify genomic variants that suppress thrombosis. These mutations alter biological activities such as cytoskeletal regulation, lipid biology, and extrinsic blood coagulation. His laboratory has also identified genomic loci responsible for regulating the megakaryocytes/platelet expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1.