OU INC client GryphonHR adds partnership with myHRcounsel

New agreement will provide GryphonHR clients legal advice for all Form I-9 related issues.

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icon of a calendarMay 6, 2021

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OU INC client GryphonHR adds new partnership with myHRcounsel
OU INC has announced that its client company GryphonHR has a new partnership with myHRcounsel™.

OU INC has announced that its client company GryphonHR has a new partnership with myHRcounsel™. This partnership will provide GryphonHR clients legal advice for all Form I-9 related issues.  In addition, myHRcounsel clients will be able to combine GryphonHR’s solutions with legally backed support from the attorneys at myHRcounsel.

Through this new partnership with GryphonHR, myHRcounsel will provide on-demand access to attorneys, for clients of GryphonHR via myHRcounsel’s Ask an Attorney Portal, for the myriad of legal issues or questions a client may have during the onboarding stage.  While the Form I-9 may seem simple on the surface, the fact is there are many areas where employers make mistakes which can prove to be costly.  myHRcounsel’s attorneys advise GryphonHR clients on all facets of I-9 compliance with upgrade opportunities to one of myHRcounsel’s complete suites of HR and employment law guidance.

“myHRcounsel’s next evolution approach to legal advice via digital delivery, conveniently built right into GryphonHR’s premier I-9 system, changes the game and industry, allowing our joint clients to efficiently and effectively (with legal backing) prepare I-9’s.  No other system has this feature, with actual attorneys built into the system, and as we see each year, the legal issues with I-9’s become more and more difficult, leading companies to more and more legal exposure – until now,” said myHRcounsel CEO Mark Young. “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with GryphonHR.”

“Since its inception, GryphonHR’s vision has been to provide its clients with an employment eligibility compliance solution that can be used around the globe. Our partnership with myHRcounsel’s on-demand legal services enables us to deliver a solution that will provide our client’s confidence that they are meeting those eligibility requirements and enables them to seek legal assistance when they do have questions,” added Marc Villella, CEO of GryphonHR. “The integration of these services into our Form I-9, and channel partner platforms, truly enables us to deliver a holistic, compliant onboarding solution to our clients and channel partners.”

GryphonHR has continued to achieve a high level of success in a short amount of time since becoming an OU INC client. GryphonHR recently received a $10k BAF panel award to continue evolving their brand. Through strong leadership and innovativeness, GryphonHR is rapidly becoming the premier platform for employment compliance.

About GryphonHR
GryphonHR is a robust, Human Resources employment compliance platform designed to simplify and streamline the compliance lifecycle allowing HR staff to focus on more employee-centric tasks and duties. With GryphonHR, organizations can manage their employee HR compliance tasks, globally, from a single platform. To learn more about GryphonHR visit: www.gryphonhr.com

About myHRcounsel™
myHRcounsel™, with its employment, corporate and ERISA legal solutions, provides clients with on-demand legal and compliance services through a call-center, web and mobile application staffed with 35+ attorneys capable of advising on all Federal and 50 State employment and corporate laws. Their history of providing services in this format has afforded their clients to receive instant answers on everyday HR compliance questions, expedited contract reviews and a complete array on employment and business law documents and agreements at a greatly reduced fee. To learn more visit: www.myHRcounsel.com

About OU INC
OU INC is a SmartZone Business Incubator and Innovation, in collaboration with the City of Rochester Hills, places focus on energy technologies, medical devices, and information technology centers. OU INC provides clients with entrepreneurial resources and offers strategic business advice to advance business development to accelerate ideas to market. By fostering a healthy environment to learn and grow, OU INC places a focus on accelerating growth-based and high-tech companies so they can go further faster. Visit OU INC on the web to find out more about services offered and clients served.

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