Kaleidoscope Project

An image of those from the OUWB community who supported National Coming Out Day in 2019

Note: The group photo was taken in October 2019 in support of National Coming Out Day.

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Kaleidoscope Project began as a student-led initiative and has been warmly embraced by our OUWB leadership. The project celebrates the LGBTQ+ community at OUWB and promotes inclusivity amongst all realms of medical education — from the classroom to patient care.

Our purpose and promise 

The term “kaleidoscope” comes from the Greek roots meaning “beauty” and “form.” With this in mind, members of the project are committed to seeing the beauty in all forms of LGBTQ+ diversity through an intersectional lens. We also promise to support the wellness of these communities and to address disparities that exist both consciously and unconsciously in today’s academic and health care environments.

Especially with current events in our country, we want to acknowledge the intersectionality of identities and the clear disparities that exist, particularly for the Black and Brown members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Multiple studies have shown clear health disparities that affect Black and Brown members of the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, there has been and continues to be numerous acts of murder and violence against people of color in the transgender community. 

Nelia AfonsoFaculty
Mehak AhmedMedical Student
Begum Akay Faculty
Stefanie AttardiFaculty
Emily BabcockMedical Student
Patrice BarishFaculty
Sara BarlowMedical Student
Malli BarremklaaFaculty
Dwayne BaxaFaculty
Rossini BatinoMedical Student
Kerrin BersaniMedical Student
Paige Bimberg Medical Student
Paul BozykFaculty
Megan BricelyMedical Student
Berkley BrowneStaff
Abram BrummettFaculty
Nancy BulgarelliStaff
Kaylie BullockMedical Student
Anna CarmanMedical Student
Rachel ConnellMedical Student
Justine CheeMedical Student
Dinasha DahanayakeMedical Student
Zev DavidovichFaculty
Maya DesaiMedical Student
Andrew DietderichStaff
Sara DiltzMedical Student
Joshua DilworthStaff
Sneha DodaballapurMedical Student
Tori Drzyzga Medical Student
Lauren EberhardtMedical Student
Raina ErnstoffFaculty
Cheyenna EspinozaMedical Student
Kelly FaheyMedical Student
Michelle FedorowiczMedical Student
Angie FreemanStaff
Patricia FuentesMedical Student
Paige GirdleyMedical Student
Douglas GouldFaculty
Sara GrantMedical Student
Tanner HafenMedical Student
Nida HaiderMedical Student
Marlin Amy HalderMedical Student
Anisah HashmiMedical Student
Maryam HermezMedical Student
Mahmoud HijaziMedical Student
Aimee Hite Medical Student
Mallory HoevetMedical Student
Jaime HopeStaff
Charlene HsiaMedical Student
Helen HuettemanMedical Student
Inaya Hajj HusseinFaculty
Eric JamesMedical Student
Michele JasukaitisStaff
Dan KallenbergerStaff
Pradeep KaminouluFaculty
Patrick KarabonStaff
Kyeorda KempFaculty
Raheel KhanMedical Student
Cheryne KimMedical Student
Helen KimMedical Student
Kassy KneenMedical Student
Ryan KoMedical Student
Claire KopachikMedical Student
Andrew H. KotsisFaculty
Amelia KruseMedical Student
Grace KummerfeldMedical Student
Kylee KusMedical Student
Sarah LerchenfeldtFaculty
Tiffany LohMedical Student
Nick LudkaMedical Student
Ben MalametMedical Student
Robert McAuleyFaculty
Robert McClowryFaculty
Claire McNaryMedical Student
Daniel L MenkesFaculty
Duane MezwaDean
Michelle MichStaff
Amelia NajorMedical Student
David ObudzinskiFaculty
Kaitlin PataroqueMedical Student
Bhavin PatelFaculty
Rajavi PatelMedical Student
Shivam PatelMedical Student
Gustavo PatinoFaculty
Grace PetersonMedical Student
Deirdre PittsStaff
Rebecca PrattFaculty
Dalia RahmonMedical Student
Shruti Ramakrishna Faculty
Chandler RayMedical Student
Sienna RinggenbergMedical Student
Robin RivestStaff
Victoria RoachFaculty
Kevin RobyMedical Student
Ryan Rogers Medical Student
Kristin RybskiMedical Student
Kara SawarynskiFaculty
Andrea ScheidFaculty
Daniel SchlegelStaff
Elizabeth SeeleyMedical Student
Alexandra ShawFaculty
Erin ShireyStaff
Parag SomalingamFaculty
Aviv SpillingerMedical Student
Lori StecFaculty
Tulasi TalluriMedical Student
Jonathan TangMedical Student
Kerri TangMedical Student
Tracey TaylorFaculty
David ThomasStaff
Katy TormaStaff
Alexis TranMedical Student
Danielle Turner-LawrenceFaculty
Virginia UhleyFaculty
Anthony SanabriaMedical Student
Kevin VanMedical Student
Ann Voorheis-SargentStaff
Trishia WajdaStaff
Brianna WalterMedical Student
Hayley WaltonMedical Student
Stephen Warnick Jr.Faculty
Michael WarrenFaculty
Jason WassermanFaculty
Rose WedemeyerStaff
Cathy WelchStaff
Katie WeyandStaff
Katie WheelerMedical Student
Victoria WhitingMedical Student
Tiffany WilliamsStaff
Stephanie WongMedical Student
Amy YounFaculty
Kelsey ZuchowiczStaff

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