Withdrawal from the Program

Authorizing Body: Student Performance Review Committee
Author: Robert J. McAuley, Ph.D.
Date Issued: August 1, 2011
Last Update: April 18, 2014


Withdrawal is a voluntary termination of enrollment by a medical student without the intention to return.

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in the School of Medicine

Standard Practice Guideline:

At any time, a student may petition to permanently withdraw from the curriculum.


Prior to withdrawal, students must meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to discuss the request for withdrawal and complete a petition for withdrawal form. A signed and dated petition to withdraw is the student’s official notice of intent to withdraw from the School of Medicine. For withdrawals during the academic year, the effective date for determining a refund of tuition is the date a completed petition to withdraw has been returned to the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Any student wishing to return following withdrawal must reapply to the School of Medicine as a new applicant.

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