Suspension Guidelines

Authorizing Body: Student Performance Review Committee (SPRC)
Author: Robert J. McAuley, Ph.D.
Date Issued: September 14, 2017


A mechanism for removing a student from the School of Medicine for a specified period of time.

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in the School of Medicine

Standard Practice Guideline:

The Student Performance Review Committee (SPRC) may mandate an LOA in situations wherein the committee opines that the student is not able to complete the curriculum satisfactorily because of academic, professional, or other relevant concerns.


  • If any situation arises that poses a threat to patient safety, the safety of other students, or behavior disruptive to the learning environment, the Dean, or an Associate Dean, may place a student on an immediate suspension and have the student removed from the campus or affiliated clinical facilities pending a final decision on the suspension by the SPRC. A decision to suspend a student will be communicated to the student in person, via email, or via U.S. mail.

  • A student placed on an immediate suspension is not entitled to appear before the SPRC and will be notified in writing of the SPRC’s decision regarding the suspension. The student may request that the Dean of the School of Medicine review the decision in accordance with the procedures in the SPRC guidelines.

  • A student placed on an immediate suspension may be declared as a Persona Non Grata on Oakland University properties in accordance with Oakland University policies and procedures.

  • A student at risk of being suspended due to unsatisfactory academic progress or unprofessional behavior is subject to SPRC policies and procedures as outlined in the SPRC guidelines.

  • When a student is placed on suspension, the SPRC will specify the length of the suspension, not to exceed one year. However, the SPRC has the option for extending the suspension for an additional period of time, up to one year.

  • Students will be reinstated upon demonstrating to the satisfaction of the SPRC that they can make satisfactory academic progress and/or will demonstrate a professional demeanor that is consistent with the OUWB Professional Code of Conduct.

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