M3 Clerkship Progress Guidelines

Authorizing Body:       Student Performance Review Committee

Author:                          Robert J. McAuley Ph.D.

Date Issued:                July 1, 2016

Last Updated:              N/A

Scope and Applicability:
All students enrolled in the School of Medicine.

Standard Practice Guideline:
A student with multiple M3 clerkship deficiencies will not be allowed to progress to additional clinical experiences until the deficiencies are remediated.

Student with deficiencies across multiple clerkships; either grades of “Incomplete” or “Fail” indicates a significant deficit in clinical knowledge, clinical skills, or both.

A student with an un-remediated grade of “Fail” or  “Incomplete” in a clerkship, who then receives a second clerkship grade of “Fail” or “Incomplete” will be immediately withdrawn from all current and future clerkships until the deficiencies are remediated.

A grade of “W” will be posted for the current clerkship. The student will remain enrolled in all longitudinal courses and should continue to attend.

A student withdrawn from a clerkship will not receive partial credit for the clerkship. The student will be required to repeat the entire experience.