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Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center

The OUWB Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center is the primary site for learners to practice and perfect their patient skills in a realistic, state of the art facility. The Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center is home to 16 simulated patient rooms, separate student and patient assembly areas, classrooms and separate video control and observation suites. Our goal is to provide as realistic a clinical experience as possible in a welcoming environment.

Fast Facts About the Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center
  • The OUWB Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center, or “Practice Clinic,” was formerly the site of the Beaumont Troy Family Medicine clinic.

  • The Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center is equipped to appear identical to a typical Family Medicine clinic. Additionally, each of the 16 exam rooms is equipped with video cameras, computer workstations in and outside each room and two-way communication with the master control station.

  • Students from all four years of medical school participate in clinical skills activities. This includes instruction, practice, and testing in interviewing and physical examination. Much of this instruction is conducted using Standardized Patients, persons trained to realistically simulate actual patients.

  • A "Harvey Heart Sounds” cardiovascular training mannequin is a key element of instruction in the examination of the cardiovascular system. With the touch of a button, the Harvey mannequin can be programmed to realistically portray myriad combinations of physical exam findings, each consistent with a specific condition or diagnosis.

  • The Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center is equipped with a SonoSite mobile ultrasound system identical to those used in the hospital. The SonoSite allows students to visualize organs and other body structures in real time, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  • The CAE (formerly METI) Learning Space system installed in the Clinical Skills Center represents the latest generation of web based clinical skills management systems. Not only can it simultaneously manage input from cameras, computers, iPads and other devices, it is designed to be virtually invisible to users.

  • Student videos and scoring information are instantly cross-referenced and stored on the server, ready for faculty review with learners anywhere, anytime.

  • The entire Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center has its own dedicated OUWB wireless internet portal, allowing students, faculty and staff the same internet access and functions as Beaumont Health and the main campus of Oakland University.

Standardized Patient Program
What is a Standardized Patient?

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a layperson trained to present a clinical scenario just like a “real” patient for teaching or testing. SPs work at the OUWB Clinical Skills Center.

What are Standardized Patients (SPs) used for?

Students learn to interview/examine patients and gather information needed to help diagnose their problems. Students also:

  • practice effective interpersonal skills to better communicate with patients
  • learn appropriate techniques and approaches for physical examination of patients
  • learn techniques to counsel patients in a variety of circumstances on a variety of issues
  • gain experience with challenging issues such as breaking bad news

To obtain a standardized patient application, send an email to Jeanne Schulte at

To learn more about becoming a standardized patient, please see our frequently asked questions.

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