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Frequently Asked Questions 

Application Process/ Requirements

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 has impacted communities across the entire United States. We’re aware of the difficulties this may cause prospective students as they look to apply to medical schools. Please see the answers to some frequently asked questions below. 

What is the Admission Committee’s stance on taking Pass/Fail courses?

The Admissions Committee prefers and recommends that all prerequisites be completed for a letter or numeric grade; however, will accept Pass/Fail grades on a case by case basis. Courses should be completed at a regionally accredited college or university.

Will OUWB accept online courses?

Online courses are accepted provided they are completed at a regionally accredited university, preferably at a four-year institution.   

My activities (services-related, research, shadowing, etc.) have been affected due to COVID-19, how will the Admissions Committee view this when evaluating my application?

We will continue to evaluate your application holistically, keeping in mind that many experiences have been impacted by COVID-19. Virtual experiences will be considered. The expectation is that applicants should be able to speak about their experience(s) in a meaningful way. The Committee will continue to look favorably on applicants who show a longitudinal commitment to serving their community, experiences that take one outside of their comfort zone, and shows their commitment to the medical profession.  

How do I apply for admission to the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB)?

We use AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) for the initial application process. All applicants must register and apply at Learn more about the OUWB application process.

When is the deadline for applying?

The application deadline for submitting the AMCAS application is November 15. The deadline for submitting the supplemental application is December 15. Visit our admissions timeline on the website for more information about important dates.

What are the desired admissions requirements for the OUWB School of Medicine?
  • Meaningful medical activities (including volunteer work, shadowing, etc)
  • Service to others and to the community
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to perform well in an academic setting
  • Excellence in an activity or area of interest (sports, research, or other endeavor) at a local, regional, or national level
  • Evidence of intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning

For more information, visit OUWB Admissions Requirements.

What is the latest MCAT score you will accept for the admission cycle?

MCAT scores should be taken within the last three years prior to applying. The last test administration accepted for each admission cycle is September. For example, for the 2025 admissions cycle (applying in 2024), the oldest acceptable MCAT is September 2021. We require a minimum score of 495. 

Is preference given to in-state versus out-of-state students?

As a privately funded medical school, admissions are open to all students, including out-of-state students with academic credentials and the experiences and attributes that coincide with the mission, vision and values of our program. Nevertheless, OUWB is strongly committed to improving health outcomes for our Southeastern Michigan community. Consequently, we hope to recruit, enroll, and train students who demonstrate a similar interest in our community.

Does it matter when I apply?

OUWB will evaluate applications starting at the beginning of the season in July. Although it does not affect your chances of being reviewed and receiving an interview, it is recommended to turn in applications earlier in the season. OUWB does have a deadline of November 15th to submit primary applications for consideration.

What happens after I submit my primary application?

Once we receive your AMCAS verified application, we will review your application to ensure you meet our minimum requirements in order to receive a supplemental application. If eligible, you will be invited by email to fill out our supplemental application.

How do I send updated information regarding my address and phone number after I've submitted my AMCAS application?

You are able to update your contact information at any time through the AMCAS website. Please make sure to keep all contact information up to date for important communication. Once submitted to AMCAS, we will have the updated information in our Admissions system.

How will I receive notification of my application status for OUWB School of Medicine?

You will receive email notification once your file is complete. We pride ourselves on a holistic review process that may take several months, but once a decision has been made we will be in contact with you through email.

How can I add additional information to my application after I submit it to AMCAS, if I have updates?

Updates for a primary application are not accepted after the application has been submitted to AMCAS. You can add updates to your secondary application with OUWB at any time. Log into your OUWB electronic application system and click on the “Upload File” option in the left-hand menu. You can upload a Word or PDF document that details your updates.

How can I access the secondary application?

Instructions on how to complete the secondary application will be emailed to applicants who meet our minimum requirements.

AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam

What is the AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam?

The AAMC PREview exam is a standardized test that presents a series of hypothetical scenarios students may encounter in medical school and asks examinees to evaluate the effectiveness of a series of behavioral responses to each scenario.

Is OUWB requiring applicants to take this exam to be considered for admission?

No. We are highly recommending that all applicants complete the AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam; it is not required. Results will be reviewed holistically at the Admissions Committee level. 

Why is OUWB introducing the AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam into the admissions process?

The PREview exam provides insights into the examinee’s knowledge of effective and ineffective behaviors across nine core competencies. These competencies align with the qualities and abilities OUWB deems essential and provides us with a more complete picture of you as an applicant. We believe this will not only enhance our holistic review process, but also give applicants the opportunity to showcase their personal and professional characteristics. 

Letters of Recommendation

How many letters of recommendation are required and who should write them?

Applicants should submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation (maximum of five). If your premedical advising office provides a committee letter compiling feedback from multiple sources, this letter will count as two of your three required letters of recommendation. All submitted letters must be signed, preferably on letterhead, and submitted through AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation Service.

We receive many questions about who should write letters of recommendation.  We highly recommend you select writers who know you well and can speak to your qualifications for entering the field of medicine.  It is a good idea to include at least one faculty member who has gotten to know you during the course of your studies.  Letters from family members and/or friends are discouraged.

AAMC Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation for a Medical School Applicant

Admissions Process

Can I make an individual appointment with someone in the admissions department to discuss my qualifications for admission?

We do not offer individual appointments with potential students at this time. However, we do offer prospective student webinars and Preview Days year-round. We encourage you to bookmark the OUWB Admissions website and visit often. Webinar and Preview Day opportunities will be posted under Admissions Events as dates become available. 

Does the OUWB School of Medicine offer an early decision program?

An early decision program will begin being offered for the 2024-2025 admissions cycle.

What is your class size?

Class size is 125 students.

How soon after my interview will I receive an initial decision?

The Admissions Committee meets regularly throughout the admissions cycle. Admissions Committee decisions are made and communicated on a rolling basis beginning in mid-October until the class is full.

Do you have a revisit weekend?

Yes! We do have a Second Look event for all applicants that have been admitted to OUWB. Invitations will be sent to admitted students in early Spring.

When do I have to decide which school I will attend?

Communication regarding important dates will be provided throughout the season for applicants who have been admitted to OUWB.

OUWB uses the AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols for Applicants

International & Transfer Applications

Do you accept transfer students?
The OUWB School of Medicine only accepts applications from potential third year transfer students when positions are available. There are no current openings for transfer students. Learn more about our Transfer Admissions Process.
I am an international student. Can I apply?

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for admission.  Applicants who did not attend U.S. or Canadian schools should complete at least one year, preferably two, at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S or Canada. The accredited institution must validate all previous academic credits.


What prerequisite courses are required?

All prerequisite coursework should be completed at a regionally accredited college or university.  Applicants who use community college courses to meet prerequisite requirements are encouraged to show competency by taking higher level courses in these areas at a regionally accredited four-year institution in the United States.  Applicants with foreign educational credentials should complete prerequisite requirements at a regionally accredited four-year institution in the U.S.


Applicants should take a minimum of 24 college credits with breadth and depth of science and math disciplines.  Of those 24 credit hours, coursework must include:

  • 1 course in Biochemistry

  • 1 course in Statistics (Math or Social Science based)

  • 1 lab in either Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

In addition to the 24 Science/Math credits, applicants must complete: 

  • 1 course in Social or Behavioral Sciences.

*Students who have received an interview invitation or admissions offer and would like to request a course substitute for a prerequisite, we ask that you submit the course description from the university course catalog along with the corresponding syllabus for review to [email protected].

*We will begin accepting AP credits on a case by case basis for the 2024-2025 application cycle.

Does the OUWB School of Medicine accept online courses for prerequisites?

Since many prerequisite courses include a laboratory requirement, online courses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Will OUWB accept community college classes for prerequisite coursework?

Yes, the OUWB School of Medicine will accept prerequisite coursework taken at a community college. However, students are encouraged to take additional upper level science courses at a four-year institution in preparation for MCAT and medical school coursework.

Can I use AP credits as my prerequisites?

AP credits will be accepted on a case by case basis beginning in the 2024-2025 application cycle for prerequisite coursework. 

Can I apply to medical school if I don't have all my prerequisites fulfilled?

Yes, we will accept applications for consideration that have met our minimum requirements to receive a secondary application. All prerequisites will need to be completed prior to matriculation. We recommend not having more than one or two outstanding prerequisite courses.

Tuition/Financial Aid

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the 2023-2024 year is $59,096. Tuition remains the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Please know that are no additional fees for health insurance, technology, parking, or access to the Oakland University recreational center.

Is there a difference in tuition for out-of-state students?

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is a privately funded medical school. We charge the same tuition rate regardless of state of residence. 

How do I know if I’m eligible for a scholarship?

All applicants given admission to OUWB are eligible for merit-based scholarships. To be considered for need-based scholarships, you must submit the FAFSA with your parental data. Scholarships will be awarded throughout the application cycle after offers have been made.

When do I need to apply for Financial Aid?

Financial Aid representatives would be happy to help you with any questions on applying for financial aid. The first step would be completing the FAFSA beginning in December. You can contact Financial Services via email at [email protected] or by phone at (248) 370-3611.