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A 'Transformative, Amazing Experience' in the School of Health Sciences

Oakland University enables Ethan Dimock to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor while holding close what he values most

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icon of a calendarNovember 14, 2023

icon of a pencilBy Jillian Wolf

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Ethan Dimock, School of Health Sciences (SHS) graduate and Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB) student, spends a lot of time with his family. Whether they’re playing board games, heading to the pool, or watching or playing soccer, the Dimocks do everything together. The ability to stay close to his family, scholarship opportunities, positive comments and the affiliation with Corewell Health (Beaumont) all made OU appealing as Dimock began his college journey. 

Dimock started in the biochemistry program at OU but was introduced to Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (CDS) by Dr. Kristin Landis-Piwowar, now associate provost for Academic Affairs and professor. While biochemistry is geared towards math and abstract principles, the focus of CDS is human pathology and patient care. “Biochemistry is very good in its own right, especially for people who want to go into laboratory settings,” explains Dimock, “but I wanted to learn about human pathology and diseases and take classes that were streamlined towards the medical field.”

Thus began Dimock’s journey in SHS - a journey that heavily involved Explorations in Collaborative and InterProfessional Education, or ECLIPSE.

ECLIPSE, a program that develops professionals who improve patient and community health outcomes through interprofessional work and collaborative leadership, has provided Dimock with invaluable experiences. “One of the major things was getting the chance to interact with other people who were just as passionate, if not more passionate, about the medical field,” says Dimock. “There were people that wanted to work in laboratory sciences, radiology, nursing … different professions working together towards a common goal, learning from each other and working as a team where everybody can bring unique talents.” From being mentored in the program to becoming a mentor for others, Ethan then took his leadership skills to the next level by becoming president of the ECLIPSE Activities Board. 

Dimock graduated with a Bachelor of Science in CDS with a pre-clinical professions specialization, and in August 2022, he started medical school at OUWB. Upon becoming a doctor, Dimock aims to give back to those that helped make him who he is today. “I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for Oakland and the surrounding community,” Dimock says. “Being able to give back to the people and places that helped me get here is all I really want to do with the rest of my career.”

With professional school being the goal for many health students, Dimock’s advice is to join a group like ECLIPSE for the support system and perspectives that it provides. “Being well-rounded helps you get into medical school,” he says, “but more importantly, it helps you be a good health professional.” He encourages anyone interested in health to take advantage of the amazing professors, relevant classes and outstanding support from the OU community that SHS offers.

Dimock is grateful for the opportunity to stay close to his family throughout his entire education, and OU has truly become a family affair - one of Dimock’s siblings is a current student while others show interest in attending the university, the whole family are Golden Grizzlies at heart, and Dimock even met his fiance at OU and they now attend OUWB together. “I owe a lot to Oakland,” says Dimock. “It’s really been a transformative, amazing experience.”

To learn more about the programs preparing students for professional schools, visit the SHS website.

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