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Lynda Poly-Droulard honored with Nurse's Touch Award

icon of a calendarApril 2, 2020

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Lynda Poly-Droulard honored with Nurse's Touch Award
Lynda Poly-Droulard
Lynda Poly-Droulard was named a recipient of the Nurse's Touch Award, which honors nurse educators who help nursing students to become compassionate, well-prepared, confident nurses and future leaders among their peers.

Lynda Poly-Droulard initially discarded the message congratulating her on her award, assuming it was spam. She received a follow up message from the SON Associate Dean informing her that she had indeed won the national award. 

“I was flabbergasted!” said Poly-Droulard. “I love my students with my whole heart and soul. I tell my students to ‘be that one nurse...the one nurse that makes the difference in the patient's care that they will never forget. Maybe I did make a difference. I am truly grateful for the ATI Nurse's Touch Award." 

Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) is a national company that provides product solutions that are designed to work together to help students master core content, develop into practice-ready nurses, and succeed on the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). Nurses from across the country were nominated for this award which was created to honor nurse educators who dedicate themselves to helping nursing students to become compassionate, well-prepared, confident nurses and future leaders among their peers.

Poly-Droulard added, “My primary goal in nursing education is to educate to the best of my ability, but most of all, to demonstrate kindness, love, respect, and compassion. As educators, we must model behaviors of the professional nurse at all times so the next generation of nurses will do so as well.”

The Nurse’s Touch Award honors that type of educator. The one who will be remembered decades after graduation for not only what was learned, but because of the compassion and passion the professor displayed. The Nurse’s Touch, according to ATI, means engaging students and spending additional time and care with them; teaching with empathy and sensitivity; maintaining professionalism; being personally and professionally passionate; and being a skilled communicator. Professors like Poly-Droulard model these characteristics in the classroom, at the bedside, and in life.

Assistant Professor, Kristen Munyan, DNP, RN, nominated Poly-Droulard for the award. “Lynda embodies what the Nurse's Touch Award is all about. She brings such a level of caring to her education of future nurses that they cannot help by model her professionalism and compassion,” said Munyan. "Teaching with Lynda, I have been able to witness an educator who lives her passion for her work in every student interaction. When I saw the call for nominations, I felt like her passion was exactly what ATI was looking to recognize!"  

Dean and Professor, Judy Didion, Ph.D., RN, echoes that sentiment. “Dr. Poly-Droulard is an exemplary nurse educator. Her pursuit of student success greatly contributes to the excellent quality of the Oakland University BSN program.”

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