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Amid record number of applicants, OU prepares to welcome its most academically talented freshman class

Honors College, University Housing also on pace for record-breaking year

Oakland University Campus

icon of a calendarAugust 20, 2019

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Amid record number of applicants, OU prepares to welcome its most academically talented freshman class
Oakland University Campus

As the fall semester approaches, Oakland University has received a record number of applications and is on pace to welcome its most academically talented freshman class. This year’s class of 2,717 freshmen holds an average GPA of 3.54 and an average SAT score of 1120. The university received applications from 14,858 freshmen and 3,427 transfers for a total of 18,285, the most applicants in OU’s history. 

“Oakland University has continued to attract quality students in a climate where many colleges and universities are experiencing significant declines,” said Dawn Aubry, associate vice president for Enrollment Management. “We have championed a transparent financial aid and scholarship model designed to expand access and recognize excellence for students regardless of their income level. Attracting such a high caliber of incoming students, while increasing our campus residential population, really signifies that students and families recognize the strong academic programs and vibrant campus life here at OU.”

Transfer numbers on the rise

Oakland is preparing to welcome 1,409 transfer students, a 10 percent increase over 2018. Like the incoming freshman class, this group also brings impressive academic credentials, with 52 students receiving the Transfer Presidential Scholar Award. This scholarship is awarded to new transfer students from a Michigan community college, with a GPA of 3.8 or higher and 56 or more transferable credits. 

Compared to 2018, the university has also seen an increase of more than 41 percent in enrolled Phi Theta Kappa Award recipients, and an increase of more than 14 percent in enrolled Talented Transfer Award recipients. The average incoming transfer GPA is 3.2, and students are bringing in an average of 55.5 credits. Both those figures are up from 2018. In addition, this year’s transfer class is geographically diverse, coming from 34 Michigan counties, 21 states and 21 countries.

Largest residential population

As OU has continued to invest in campus housing, student demand is at an all-time high. The university received a record number of housing contract submissions and expects to house 3,129 students this fall. This is the largest number of students to reside on campus in OU’s history. 

"We are very pleased to provide campus housing and support services to a record number of students,” said James Zentmeyer, director of University Housing at OU. “The dedicated staff and high-quality amenities offer students a supportive environment in which they can feel at home and be successful both academically and socially."  

Honors College growth continues

For the seventh straight year, OU’s Honors College will welcome its largest incoming class, which includes 621 freshmen and 28 transfers. Honors College freshmen hold an average GPA of 3.98 (the highest ever for an OU Honors College freshman class) an average SAT score of 1290 and comparable ACT score of 27. The entire incoming Honors College class includes 142 Presidential Scholars, with GPAs of 3.9 or better, and scores of 31 or better on the ACT or 1420 on the SAT.

“This is an extremely talented group of students,” said Graeme Harper, dean of OU’s Honors College. “We will now support them to achieve all that they can achieve. What always amazes me is that these students will also support and encourage their fellow students, all across campus. That, to my mind, is the true sign of a great university.”

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