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Meet OU Alumni Bria and Tim Tucker

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icon of a calendarMarch 11, 2022

icon of a pencilBy Noor Hindi

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Oakland University alumni Bria (BSN ’17) and Tim Tucker (BSW ’18) have always had a passion for helping others. Whether aiding in local vaccination efforts or advocating for patient needs, the couple knows they have a special calling to serve their Pontiac community.

“I love being a helpful hand and knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life,” says Bria. “It always puts a smile on my face.”

Bria graduated from OU in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During the pandemic, she was a frontline worker, helping the Oakland County Health Department through her role as a nurse. She administered vaccines, made home visits and answered COVID-19- related questions from community members.

“Working during the pandemic and hearing patient stories was very moving for me,” she says. “My dad died of COVID-19 in April 2020, and being out in the field and continuing to make him proud kept me going.”

Bria and Tim have known each other all their lives. But it wasn’t until they reconnected at OU that they started dating and, eventually, graduated just a few months apart. Tim graduated from OU in April 2018 with a Bachelor of Social Work and now works at a nursing home.

Months after graduating, the couple married and are currently expecting their first child. Their favorite memories at OU include playing basketball at the Recreation Center and having study dates at the library.

“The Oakland University library was a huge staple for us,” says Tim. “We spent a ton of time there doing homework, encouraging each other, having a lot of great conversations, reflecting and planning out our lives together.”

For Tim, coming to OU was a no brainer. His brother graduated at the top of his OU class years before, and Tim wanted to follow in his footsteps. Bria, on the other hand, is a self-described “home body” and wanted to stay close to family and friends. Plus, according to Bria, OU has an “awesome” nursing program.

At OU, the couple’s passion for community service was nurtured. Tim says his program stressed the importance of “being true to yourself and giving back to your community.”

Bria’s faculty expressed a similar sentiment. “Oakland University’s nursing program was tough, but it was worth it because it taught me discipline and how to be a great nurse,” says Bria. “I had some of the best clinical instructors who showed me not only how to be a good nurse but how to be a great person. This training helped make me the person I am today.”

Though the couple’s day-to-day lives working in healthcare can be challenging, they continue to support and encourage one another to be their best selves.

“Tim really understands what it’s like to be in the helping field,” says Bria. “I have a lot of faith and I believe that nursing is what God called me to do. My faith and my patients are what drives me to keep going.”

“And when I have a bad day, it helps to have a husband that reminds me why I’m doing this,” she adds with a smile.

In the future, the couple plans to stay close to the community, where they will be raising their son. They are also looking forward to staying connected with OU, taking their son to campus and finding more ways to help.

“We look forward to raising our son together, watching him grow up and instilling the values that we learned,” says Tim.

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