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Diversity Drives Student Passion

Pre-HRD student advocates equity and inclusion

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Photo by Sarah Griffith / Illustration by Lily Stotz

Dana Cogshell is following her passion.

A first generation college student from Detroit, Cogshell transferred to Oakland University with an associate’s degree from Oakland Community College, magna cum laude. Now a junior at OU, she is making strides toward a degree in pre-human resource development with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“I attended an event for my sign language class last year,” says Cogshell. “At the event, we talked about language deprivation and the effects of it, and how we need to advocate for language equality so deaf and hard of hearing kids can have equal access to learning both English and American Sign Language.”

Cogshell was amazed by all the people who came together to support this community on an issue that, until that day, she had never heard about. Her goals evolved, and Cogshell decided to be a person who advocates for underrepresented communities.

Now, striving toward a career as a diversity and inclusion officer, Cogshell hopes to create necessary programs and initiatives that support minority individuals. She believes diversity, equity and inclusion, particularly in the workplace, is vital.

“A company is only as strong as its employees,” Cogshell says. “Having a diverse workforce allows you to better connect and service all patrons of your business, considering everyone isn’t servicing just one type of customer.”

Cogshell believes people are stronger as a unit than as individuals. She will use these principles, with the help of the School of Education and Human Services, to secure a career while making a difference in the world.

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