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Campus Student Organic Farm

University farm offers educational and health benefits to campus

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The Campus Student Organic Farm (CSOF) at Oakland University provides the campus community with a number of opportunities in experiential learning, research, and health promotion. Recently, CSOF launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to expand their hoophouse, which will allow the farm to become even more sustainable in the future.

With over 50 different types of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs grown on the farm, CSOF offers research to students, faculty and staff in a variety of fields including ecology, biological and energy conservation, parasitology, and sustainability.

Mary Jamieson, assistant professor for the Department of Biological Sciences, and her seven students are working extensively on examining pollinators, specifically bees, and the effect that they have on plant reproduction. Most agricultural research has been focused in rural areas, but OU is turning its focus to urban and periurban, or locations adjacent to cities, areas.

Through funding from Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Jamieson and her team are working to shed light on the beneficial insects and the impact they will have on agricultural productivity. Jameison’s team will also look at how they can enhance ecosystems and promote growth within pollinator populations. 

Find out how you can support the Campus Student Organic Farm.

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