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Friday, August 31, 2012 - OU in Ghana - Music and Arts
This summer, Music, Theatre, and Dance worked with the university's Center for International Programs to offer a unique opportunity to study cultural arts in Ghana, West Africa. The month-long study abroad program was based at the Dagara Music Center, located just outside the capital of Accra. At the center, ten music students and one dance student received daily instruction in the visual and performing arts.They also studied African history and languages, visited Kakum National Park, castles on Ghana's coast and and traveled to cultural sites in Northern Ghana.They were accompanied on the trip by faculty members Mark Stone and Kerro Knox 3. The Dagara Music Center is run by Bernard Woma, one of Ghana's most accomplished musicians and teachers. He will be performing at OU on December 6 and December 7. The trip will be offered again in the summer of 2014. Read more about the Dagara Music Center here.
   Clockwise from the top left: Performers at the Dagara Music Center with OU
 students in the audience. Photo by Kerro Knox; A young Ghanaian girl. Photo
by Kerro Knox; Anna Falkowski at the gyil. Photo by Stephanie Perlaki; Left to right:
Rene Kuczeski, Stephanie Perlaki, Anna Falkowski and friends. Kayt MacMaster
delivers final direction before the performance of the dance she has choreographed.
Photo by Kerro Knox; Bernard Woma leads a line of drummers at the Dagara Music
Center. Photo by Kerro Knox; Students from OU and other colleges take an
African dance lesson. Photo by Kerro Knox