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Thursday, June 18, 2009 - ‘Lean Principles’ course approved as general education requirement
Oakland University course HRD 304: Lean Principles and Practices in Organizations has been approved by the Oakland University General Education Committee as a Knowledge Applications general education requirement course for undergraduate degrees.

The course introduces students to the principles and practices of Lean thinking, a concept promoted through the Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute. Lean is a unique system of decision making, process improvement and organizational change that originated with the Toyota Production System and has since been adopted by many organizations worldwide.

“HRD 304 will directly satisfy the general education requirements that OU students need to graduate,” said Mark Doman, special instructor of Education in Human Resource Development. “From a learning perspective, students can experience a new way of thinking about the workplace and interacting with people.”

The Pawley Lean Institute is designed to share concepts and practices of Lean manufacturing as well as create leaders and learners in the university, public and private sectors, and the community.

"This class provides students just that opportunity. It will include hands-on simulations, process mapping, expert guest speakers and on-site tours to create an active learning experience addressing Lean tools, theory, leadership and culture,” said Julianne Leigh, director of the Pawley Lean Institute.

Doman added: “The Pawley Lean Institute is first and foremost designed to benefit students. HRD 304 now opens the door to more undergrad students to experience Lean and learn how it can benefit their careers.”

Check Oakland University's schedule of classes for upcoming class offerings. For more information, visit the Pawley Lean Institute website.