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Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine seeks to admit applicants who possess personal and professional integrity, the potential for professional medical competence, the ability to deliver compassionate care, a passion for lifelong learning, intellectual curiosity, educational excellence, ethical conduct, and an understanding that medicine is both art and science, open-mindedness and tolerance, and a service orientation to others.

Desired Criteria for Selection

  • Undergraduate science GPA of 3.00 or higher and overall GPA of 3.20 or higher

  • MCAT score (average for 2015 was 31; minimum required is 24 on old MCAT and 495 on new MCAT)

  • Meaningful medical activities (including volunteer work, shadowing, etc)

  • Service to others and to the community

  • Teamwork and leadership skills

  • Excellence in an activity or area of interest (sports, research, or other endeavor) at a local, regional, or national level

  • Evidence of intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

It is recommended and customary that a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution be completed prior to enrollment. Students must demonstrate that they have acquired a broad education that extends beyond the basic sciences to include the social sciences, history, arts, and languages. Broad academic training provides prospective physicians with the strong scientific skills necessary to continue study in medical science as well as a comprehensive understanding of social, historical and cultural forces that affect their professional lives and the lives of their patients.

Prerequisite Coursework

The following coursework should be taken at an accredited college or university in the US or Canada:


  • 2 semesters of General Chemistry with lab

  • 1 semester of Organic Chemistry with lab

  • 2 semesters of Biology with lab

  • 2 semesters of Physics with lab

  • 2 semesters of college-level mathematics, OR one semester of college-level mathematics and 1 semester of statistics
  • 1 semester of Biochemistry

  • 2 semesters Social/Behavioral Sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology)



Courses recommended are in disciplines such as philosophy, history, literature, language, anthropology, ethics, and theology. Studies in these areas deepen the applicant's understanding of the basis for human values and offer the opportunity to develop an appreciation of other cultures and ethnic groups. This background is vital to health care providers.

Behavioral Science:

Understanding the range of variation of behavior as a biologic, psychological, and social phenomena is essential to the practice of medicine. Courses recommended are in disciplines such as psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and ecology.


Although there is no formal course requirement for English, applicants are expected to have a strong background in writing, oral communication, and critical reading skills.

MCAT Scores

MCAT is required of all applicants. Scores will be accepted for tests taken during or after the month of September three years prior to year of application. For example, for the 2016 admissions cycle (applying in 2015), the oldest acceptable MCAT is September 2012.

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants should submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation (maximum of five). If your premedical advising office provides a committee letter compiling feedback from multiple sources, this letter will count as two of your three required letters of recommendation. All letters should be submitted through AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation Service.

We receive many questions about who should write letters of recommendation.  We highly recommend you select writers who know you well and can speak to your qualifications for entering the field of medicine.  It is a good idea to include at least one faculty member who has gotten to know you during the course of your studies.  Letters from family members and/or friends are discouraged.

International Applicants

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Preference is given to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Applicants who did not attend U.S. or Canadian schools should complete at least one year, preferably two, in residence at an accredited college in North America. The accredited college must validate all previous academic credits.

Criminal Background Check

The OUWB participates in the AAMC-Facilitated Background Check Service. A criminal background check is required of all accepted students. After January 1 of the application year, Certiphi Screening, Inc. will contact each accepted applicant for consent to conduct a background check. Upon completion of the background check, Certiphi will provide the report to you for review (10 days) prior to distribution to the medical school(s) you have been accepted to. More information is available on the AMCAS website.

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